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It is hard to give a definite reason why people suffer from panic attacks. Many suffer from panic attacks and each person experiences different symptoms from time to time. What people need to realize is that when an attack is about to happen it is the body’s normal reaction to a threatening situation and as a result it sends the body into a “flight or fight” mode. At times you feel as if you are going to die or you are going to faint, however this is not the case.

If you choose to tough it out and not seek help, that is a mistake. Left untreated anxiety can lead to deeper struggles mentally, emotionally and even physically. Know this, anxiety is a condition, it is not a way of life and you do not have to live in it. There is treatment and healing available that can help. You can learn how to handle these episodes in your daily life. You don’t want them escalate into something bigger than you can not handle. The good news it they don’t have too.

2) Cognitive Therapy. This therapy is helpful in overcoming your panic by understanding the underlying causes of it. This therapy really forces you to understand your thinking process in relation to anxiety. Once you understand your thinking process you can effectively start treating panic attacks. Having knowledge about your condition helps you understand why things are happening so you have a chance to cope with your anxiety before it overwhelms you.

Before an attack takes over your mind, then possibly your body, remember what the first one felt like. Did you like that uncomfortable feeling? Did you like not being in control of your own panic attack symptoms thoughts and physical reactions of this unwelcome attack? You will probably answer no because not being able to control your own thoughts is a scary place to be in.

One other thing if you are in panic — it often helps to have a cup of coffee or tea – something with caffeine. Yes I know caffeine is a stimulant — but when the brain and body are in panic, the caffeine often has the opposite effect and helps to calm you down.

2) Once you have interrupted your thoughts you have to focus on something else. At this point you really need to take your mind off your worries. Now you need to take your pent up energy and direct it at something else. This can be anything+ Writing, exercise, painting, music+ anything to divert your attention and stop a panic attack.

Accept that you are having a panic attack..Don’t fight against it. The only way out is through. As you learn self-care in a panic attack, you will experience fewer panic attacks.

It is critical to understand this. Most people, especially those new to panic attacks, start thinking of all the bad things that can happen during the panic attack, thus making it worse.

Soon the worry so interferes with your life that your life is unrecognizable. You are afraid all the time, unable to do things, distracted when interacting with others and unable to concentrate.


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