Panic Assaults You Can Manage Your Stress Attacks With The Body S Own Resources

Your body is holding a lot of stress! How could it not be? Everyday, we hear more depressing news about the stock market, our retirement savings, our livelihoods and our jobs. We are internalizing all this stress and the sudden shocks to our financial well being may be triggering a more serious anxiety disorder.

The most common symptoms of panic attack are a racing heart, shortness of breath, trembling feeling, palpitations, hot and cold flashes, upset stomach, etc. Some women may also suffer from feelings of impending doom. When a woman suffers from panic attacks, she may be tensed or irritated for no particular reason, or be agitated or vigilant. Sweating is one of the most common symptoms of a panic attack. Lightheadedness, trembling, shaking, nausea, choking sensation, etc., are also among some of the symptoms of a panic attack.

Heart attack symptoms in women under 40 are usually the same as normal symptoms of a heart attack. About one-fourth of all heart attacks are usually silent heart attacks, with no warnings, or other symptoms of the same. Symptoms may vary from indigestion to pain in the chest. This pain in the chest, and at times in the arm, is usually felt on the left side. You can go through these, and make a list of them yourself. If you ever feel or experience any of these symptoms call 911 immediately. Remember, precautions are better than cure.

There are three techniques that may help when you begin to experience a panic attack. The first is calm breathing. Usually when someone begins to panic they are frequently accompanied by hyperventilation. The key is to relax your breathing. Breathe deeply from the diaphragm, and lie down. This may help to relax your body enough to stop the panic attack. The second technique is Calm thinking. Many parents begin to think they might pass out and then their children may panic. What you need to do is focus on the present situation.

Your brother dies, you get depressed, you lose your job and you get anxious. This is the way things work. How they don’t work is that you get in panic when you’re in the produce section because you’re unsure about what to make for dinner or you have anxious feelings when sitting at home with your family or getting your nails done at the salon. These are unusual and unnatural times for anxiety to crop up and for attacks to strike.

Anxiety attacks happen for so many panic attack symptoms reasons its hard to pin down the exact causes of Cynthias sudden and intense reaction. What prompted the fear, was it the animals, the singing, the crowd of people?

One heart attack symptom that has commonly been described to me by many patients is a crushing pain in the chest. Most times as described, this pain is centered in the chest. Often, though, this pain radiates to other areas. I have been told by patients this pain goes to there jaw, through their back, down their left arm and sometimes both arms. A few patients have described it to me as just a dull pain. On the streets as a Medic, I can treat this pain with morphine. With dad, I called 911 and provided once again, reassurance and care.

Controlling these types of reactions is the focus. There are tools you to address some of the physical and emotional reactions that are cropping up at inconvenient times. But first, a little here about some of the disorders, phobias and conditions that can lead to such overwhelming anxiety and disruption of your life.

Also, as Christians we are to fix our eyes on Jesus. If anyone had a reason to panic, He did. No one could anticipate a worse ending to a situation and yet, Jesus not only made it through the turmoil, He rose from the grave and saved us. Keeping a proper and logical perspective can often help to steer our hearts and minds away from panic.


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