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Using the hands to create is a natural therapeutic remedy for anxiety attacks. Artistic hobbies can calm fear as well. Create a soothing environment Calm is the word when it comes to nixing anxiety. Take a leisurely stroll on the beach. Surround yourself with natural music such as rain or ocean waves. Reserve a space in the home that is panic free for thinking and relaxing. Use plenty of soft pillows and candlelight. Talk your partner into a daily trade off massage.
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Anxiety disorder leaves Malky afraid to leave the house – Your Health / That’s Life / The Sunday Post

We all live within conditions that trigger mental health problems like anxiety disorders, regardless of whether were mental health workers or service-users. Urban living takes place in what Paul Virilio has dubbed the city of panic .As far back as the work of George Simmels Metropolis and Mental Life , there has been a tradition of viewing panic as the outcome of bodies in a hyperstimulating urban environment. Hyperstimulation is the way in which our bodies, our nervous systems, have been coupled to a more or less permanent state of excitation. I remember one of my panic attacks distinctly. One night I went to Kilburn underground station to get out some cash to meet a friend at the pub. At the time the station resembled something like a technologically sufficient military bunker. Machines blinking and screeching: ATMs beeping frantic dissonance against the shrieking noise of ticket machines, coins being dispensed from those same machines, barriers.
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Panic and the city: I thought I was dying two or three times a week | openDemocracy

Standing at the window watching people go to work in the morning and then come home in the evening, just like I used to do, was horrible. Visitors couldnt understand how I could seem OK sitting in the living room but be unable to get out. Its so hard to explain that sheer terror when an attack happens. Everything is wavy and distorted, like youre looking at life through a fish tank. And while every other time it has been a panic attack, you cant stop yourself thinking that this time it may be different and could be something that will kill you. The lack of understanding from some was frustrating but Malky reckons its due to the lack of knowledge of mental illness. He saw a psychiatrist and, very gradually, with help and the unstinting support of wife Mary She was absolute gold managed short, targeted walks out. I had to learn strategies to cope, like taking a book or newspaper to read if I was going to get a bus as the brain cant panic and read at the same time. And I had to work hard on getting my breathing under control.
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