Sac Fund Manager ‘had Panic Attack’ Upon Sentencing | New York Post

It wasnt just good research, because the numbers were too finite, too close, he said. You cant pull that information out. Youre not going to get that close to the published numbers. Skokandich should know. Hes worked as an accountant or a controller for companies from Holiday Inn to Primerica Financial Services. The jury had two holdouts who misread or misunderstood the instructions, but they came around after being convinced by other jurors, he said. He described Steinberg as having an even appearance during the trial. But when the guilty verdict was read, that composure fell apart: Steinberg appeared to briefly lose consciousness.
More: SAC fund manager ‘had panic attack’ upon sentencing | New York Post

Pistorius Trial Temporarily Halted Over Anxiety Diagnosis for Blade Runner – ABC News

The order was given after Dr. Merryll Vorster testified for the defense and said that Pistorius has general anxiety disorder, a psychiatric condition that could make the athlete more likely to fight a threatening situation than flee it. Get the Latest News on the Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial But experts say Pistorius will have to undergo extensive testing to be diagnosed with the condition. Youre looking for things that would supercharge that nervous system and leave it more vulnerable, said George Everly, associate professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. You can have chronic exposure or traumatic event — either one works. Everly said some people with the disorder have a genetic history or have experienced traumatic events that make them hyper-sensitive to perceived threats. In severe cases, people can feel so afraid that they want to protect themselves in seemingly overzealous ways, he said, from installing extra security alarms to amassing weapons. Think of a lightning bolt going through electric currents [of the brain], he said. The result is a sensitization you get a sense of a person walking around, theyre hyper-sensitive to everything.
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