Generalized Anxiety Disorder May Require Specialized Treatment – Refresh – The Buffalo News

It is. Learn to recognize the onset of an anxiety attack. Take it for what it is. Dismiss it from your mind. The longer an anxiety attack is allowed to fester, the worse it becomes. Once you have labeled it as an anxiety attack, it loses power over your thoughts. When you panic at the onset, fuel is added to the flame. This disorder feeds on natural fear so don’t give it any.
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It feels like Im uncomfortable and scared of everything. I need to return to work. Any helpful advice? A: A panic attack is a wave of intense fear. Added to the fear are uncomfortable physical symptoms, such as: a pounding heart; sweating; trembling; shortness of breath; chest discomfort; stomach upset; lightheadedness. Panic attacks often come with no warning but sometimes they have a specific trigger. People who suffer from panic attacks may avoid situations where an attack might start. In particular, theyll keep away from places such as theaters or airplanes, where it would be hard to get away quickly.
Read More: Generalized anxiety disorder may require specialized treatment – Refresh – The Buffalo News


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