Pistorius Trial Temporarily Halted Over Anxiety Diagnosis For Blade Runner – Abc News

My God, if I don’t win this swimming race, my family won’t love me anymore.” Race anticipation physically and mentally draining: Hackett Former rival and Olympic medallist Grant Hackett says he can empathise with how Perkins felt. “I’ve had many moments going from that heat swim where it’s felt like a disaster, thinking ‘How am I going to shape up for the final 36 hours later and carry that expectation and actually get up and meet everyone’s expectations of winning?’,” he said. My God, if I don’t win this swimming race, my family won’t love me anymore. Kieren Perkins “And that’s what Kieren had in 1996. Those hours feel like days and you don’t sleep real well, you’re constantly thinking about the race. Physically and mentally and emotionally, it’s just draining.” “King Kieren” had built a reputation for having honed enormous mental strength. His mind-over-matter approach and his ability to compartmentalise had helped him destroy opponents in the pool. Yet with just hours to go before the final, Perkins would suffer the ultimate crisis of confidence.
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At the end of treatment, a persons anxiety symptoms are greatly reduced or even disappear in some cases. In addition to CBT, other psychological treatments have also been found effective in the treatment of social anxiety. These include cognitive therapy (a form of CBT), social skills training alone, relaxation exercises, exposure therapy alone, behavioral therapy, and some other types of less-practiced forms of psychotherapy. Exposure therapy is often a primary component of psychotherapy treatment of social anxiety disorder. Exposure therapy involves a person learning to understand the irrational basis for their fears (cognitive restructuring), teaching simple relaxation skills to practice while in the moment, and gradually being exposed to the situation which causes the anxiety. The exposure is done first in the safety of the psychotherapy office, imagining the scenario and walking through it with the therapist.
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Daniel Born/AP Photo Copy Another complication has temporarily halted the Oscar Pistorius trial, after the trial judge ordered Pistorius be sent for a mental health screening. The order was given after Dr. Merryll Vorster testified for the defense and said that Pistorius has general anxiety disorder, a psychiatric condition that could make the athlete more likely to fight a threatening situation than flee it. Get the Latest News on the Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial But experts say Pistorius will have to undergo extensive testing to be diagnosed with the condition. Youre looking for things that would supercharge that nervous system and leave it more vulnerable, said George Everly, associate professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. You can have chronic exposure or traumatic event — either one works. Everly said some people with the disorder have a genetic history or have experienced traumatic events that make them hyper-sensitive to perceived threats. In severe cases, people can feel so afraid that they want to protect themselves in seemingly overzealous ways, he said, from installing extra security alarms to amassing weapons.
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