Panic Attack Humor: ‘my Panic Attack Is Having A Panic Attack’ | Panic About Anxiety — A Blog About Panic Attacks, Panic Disorder, And Anxiety.

If you panic at the grocery store, your panic attack itself cant have a panic attack but it can certainly instigate a second attack in one of two ways. First, if you (like many panic sufferers) have a fear of panic itself, then having had a recent panic attack may trigger a second one to soon follow. After all, if you had a seemingly random panic attack this afternoon, whats to say you wont have a random one this evening? The fear of not knowing when it will arrive can fuel the panic fire. Second, our bodies go through some very specific physiological changes when were stuck in the throes of panic. Our heart rate elevates.
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“If I bumped my head I’d think I’d get a concussion. If I got hit in the temple I’d watch the clock because I thought I was going to die.” The strong correlation between parent anxiety and child anxiety suggests causation, therefore, parental support is instrumental in helping children overcome their anxiety, says Noah’s psychotherapist, Lynn Lyons. “It’s important that you have the same expectations of your anxious child that you would of another child,” psychologist Lynne Siqueland told the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Parents who also suffer from an anxiety disorder may struggle to know how to help their child. Their own anxiety is compounded by worry for their child, and they may wish to protect and overly reassure their child rather than help them be strong. Anxiety BC , a resource group, offers several ways parents can help, beyond the preventative therapy advised by Ginsberg’s study.
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