Anxious Parents Often Have Anxious Children, Study Shows | Deseret News

Anxiety can manifest in children for a variety of reasons, including post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and specific fear stimulants. However, “children of parents with anxiety disorders are two to seven times more likely to have an anxiety disorder compared with children from families in which neither parent has an anxiety disorder,” Ginsberg states in the report. In reporting on the study, NPR told the story of a young boy, Noah, who feared school because he was afraid of throwing up. He could only stay at school the entire day if he was allowed to call home as often as he needed. His mother, Heather Cummings, experienced similar anxiety when she was young. “In science I’d read about a condition and think I had it, cancer or diabetes, for example,” she told NPR. “If I bumped my head I’d think I’d get a concussion.
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But most people can usually rationalize in their head that things are okay, calm themselves down, and breathe easily again. For people with panic disorder, however, rational thinking doesnt bring that response. People who have an anxiety disorder like panic disorder just can’t cope with the anxiety that they feel, and it gets worse and worse until panic sets in. Panic Disorder: Extreme Anxiety “Some people would say that panic disorder has a true physiological basis. I would say that panic disorder represents an extreme version of what I call the universal anxiety that people have,” said Charles Goodstein, MD, a clinical professor of psychiatry at New York University Langone Medical Center. Panic disorder shows generally the true inability to defend oneself against that kind of universal anxiety. It’s anxiety to the Nth degree.” Panic disorder is usually described as people having particular responses to certain kinds of events or circumstances in which they feel extreme anxiety and physical symptoms, said Dr. Goodstein.
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