What Are The Symptoms Of A Severe Panic Attack? | Livestrong.com

Mood or Behavioral Changes You also may experience a number of mood or behavioral changes. You can feel irrationally anxious or may fear for your physical safety, despite the lack of any immediate danger. A severe panic attack can cause you to experience a sense of doom or detachment from your surroundings. You may develop a fear of your impending death, doctors at the Mayo Clinic warn, or you can begin feel as though you are losing complete control. These mood and behavioral changes experienced during a severe panic attack can be frightening–for both you and those around you. Chills or Sweating A severe panic attack can cause your body to become abnormally hot or cold, which can contribute to symptoms of excessive sweating or chills. Your hands may feel damp or clammy and can begin to shake uncontrollably.
Source: What Are the Symptoms of a Severe Panic Attack? | LIVESTRONG.COM

San Diego Doctor Offers Drug Free Anxiety Treatment & Care in San Diego. – wistv.com – Columbia, South Carolina |

Dianne Ruth is one person who both understands and can help. She suffered from generalized anxiety and panic attacks for seven years beginning in 1979. Now, shes turned that experience into a way to help others with drug-free anxiety treatment and care. As one of the few anxiety treatment and care doctors in San Diego, she talks briefly about how it affected her life and what she did to overcome it in the story My 7 Years in Anxiety Hell . I sweated, shook, couldnt get my breath, my heart raced, I was dizzy, and I thought I was going to die. I also lived in constant fear of having another panic attack, she writes. Nobody understood what was wrong with me.
Source: San Diego Doctor Offers Drug Free Anxiety Treatment & Care in San Diego. – wistv.com – Columbia, South Carolina |

Panic Attacks More Common in Smokers

The risk of a first-time panic attack goes down in people who have quit smoking, although the studies do not show whether quitting will eliminate all risk in people who have smoked. But people who smoke should quit now, advises Breslau, who is director of research in the psychiatry department of the Henry Ford Health System. She and Donald F. Klein, MD, of the New York State Psychiatric Institute published their findings in the December issue of the journal Archives of General Psychiatry. She suggested that tobacco smoke may induce panic attacks in susceptible individuals. “There can be other mechanisms by which smoking induces panic: the effect of nicotine for example,” Breslau says. Nicotine has a stimulating effect on the brain. It does all sorts of things.” Panic attacks may be a false alarm in which a person’s body mistakenly thinks it is suffocating, Klein previously has written.
For the original version, visit http://www.webmd.com/anxiety-panic/news/19991214/panic-attacks-smokers


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