Coping With Panic Images – Panic Disorder – Anxiety

The routes leading to the airport were closed for traffic and flight operations suspended, but only for a while. All the flights were suspended immediately to avoid any untoward incident, however, after getting clearance within 20 minutes, all flights were allowed to move to their destinations, said Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) spokesperson Abid Qaimkhani. However, the paramilitary and security forces returned without arresting any of the culprits after two hours. It was not an attack, ASF spokesperson clarified. The firing incident occurred a distance away from the ASF camp. I think, they (militants) wont have the courage now to attack again as we have already been given them a good example of our strength by killing their all men [on Monday]. However, the electronic media termed it another attack in the airport premises, claiming that there had been a breach. It was blamed for creating most of the panic.
More: Day two?: Panic grips Karachi after firing dubbed an ‘attack’ – The Express Tribune

Statistically, cats with tumors that reached the lymphatic system will live 9-12 months. But for Madison, we really don’t know. The oncologist would rather be conservative with their prognosis and be wrong than the opposite. So yea! But that’s about something I’m taking care of…. Something outside of me which is part of the current problem; not having enough inside of me to be able to keep taking care of all these creatures and people outside of me.
Source: Best backdrop to panic attack?

In their imagination they see their heart struggling to cope, perhaps going into spasm or bursting under the strain of their increased heart rate. Typically we can listen to distressing news stories with relative ease, but seeing related images are much more graphic and affect us at a much deeper and more visceral level. Whether your image is one of fainting or something more extreme the fact remains these can be deeply disturbing and uncomfortable sensations. Control over the power of such images begins by unpicking and understanding what is happening. These images reflect your worst fears and while they can be extremely frightening they are not in any way real. Because you generate these images it is possible to turn things around. Lets approach the situation in a measured fashion.
More: Coping with Panic Images – Panic Disorder – Anxiety


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