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It was unclear how his sleep patterns are being monitored. No medical announcements about Pistorius mental health will be made until the end of the evaluation period. Would a diagnosis of a general anxiety disorder change your opinion of Oscar Pistorius? Comment below or tell us @SportsWN. 2014 All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission. Featured Video : Nastia Liukin: Olympic Champion Gymnast Sits Down With Sports World News 10 Crazy Stories About The Stanley Cup As the Rangers and Kings battle for the best trophy in sports, SWN looks at the 10 craziest stories surrounding the Stanley Cup. New York Knicks’ Derek Fisher, Phil Jackson to Meet with Carmelo Anthony; Fisher to Wear Rings to Meeting Derek Fisher is the new head coach with the New York Knicks and he already has high hopes for the team.
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Researchers are also looking for ways in which stress and environmental factors may play a role. A major stressful life event, such as an accident or the death of someone close, can trigger a panic attack in someone who previously exhibited no signs of the disorder. However, it doesnt have to be a significant event to plant the seed of a panic attack. A fairly routine visitor to the doctor as a child, for example, can spark a life-long fear of all medical professionals. Symptoms of panic disorder Many people who suffer from panic disorder use similar phrases when describing an incident it feels as if you are out of control and having a heart attack. Other physical signs include profuse sweating, heavy or labored breathing, pounding or racing heart that can cause chest pain, weakness or dizziness, numbness or tingling in the hands or other extremities, a feeling hot or a cold chill, tingly or numb hands and stomach pain. While some people can identify their triggers for a panic attack, they often come on suddenly.
Read More: Panic Disorder: Causes & Treatment for Panic Attacks | LiveScience


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