Coping With Panic Images – Panic Disorder – Anxiety

Adrenaline kicks in when it shouldnt, and causes the body and mind to tense up and feel alert, scared, uncertain, and disorganized. Physiologically, breathing and heart rate increase. Therefore, less oxygen will make it to the brain or extremities, causing brain fog and cold and clammy hands. Anxiety makes you feel like your mind is in handcuffs and your body is disconnected from itself. You feel a complete loss of control, or as if you are losing your mind. This is terrifying, and often causes the individual to feel that she needs to escape or find a comfort zone to return to a less anxious state. An anxiety or panic attack can last for several minutes to several hours.
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Now try playing with the picture in your mind. You might want to relax while you are doing this. Close your eyes and bring to mind your panic images. So, for example, if you imagine your heart bursting, try seeing it in new ways perhaps as infinitely elastic, or so strong that it simply cannot burst. Incidentally your heart is designed to beat at different rates. Its only job is to pump blood and your increased blood pressure wont make an iota of difference to its central function. What you are doing with image manipulation is something elite sportsmen and women do all the time. They see their performance in positive ways and this not only changes how they feel but seems to have a positive effect on their actual output.
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