How To End An Anxiety Attack

All the love and support from your near and dear ones can be very helpful. Feel Relaxed What is that one thing which relaxes you? Is it gardening, reading a book, playing a musical instrument, listening to music? Whatever it may be, you should pursue it, and try and get relaxed. For example, you could take a warm bath and while taking the bath listen to some slow music. Or whatever it is, anything that works to keep you relaxed is a great option for you. Do it as and when you feel that you are getting an anxiety attack. Try to feel relaxed and composed.
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Day two?: Panic grips Karachi after firing dubbed an ‘attack’ – The Express Tribune

Panic and anxiety disorders can feel extremely isolating in spite of how common they are. It is not always visible to others and therefore many individuals can go untreated or misunderstood. Seek professional guidance from a trained mental health clinician, discuss what you are feeling with compassionate family members and friends, and remember that somewhere nearby someone else also is having the ugly butterflies. Kristi DeName, B.S.* is attending a M.S. program in Mental Health Counseling. She works for a Licensed Mental Health Counselor as a research consultant.
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The Ugly Butterflies: Managing Anxiety Better | Psych Central

We did not see who opened fire but we gave them a strong answer, Abbas, who was deputed for security outside the ASF Camp, told The Express Tribune. There was no exchange of fire or attack. However, according to other witnesses, two masked men one dressed in khaki shalwar kameez and another in a pant and shirt came from a nearby slum, Pehlwan Goth, on a motorcycle and fired a few gunshots. Then, fled through the narrow streets towards Bhittaiabad. As the law-enforcement and security forces were already on alert, they took the firing seriously and immediately cordoned off the nearest slum area where the assailants had reportedly gone into hiding. A helicopter was also used for air surveillance. Rangers, police and ASF resorted to firing at every suspicious movement to avert any possible untoward incident.
Read More: Day two?: Panic grips Karachi after firing dubbed an ‘attack’ – The Express Tribune


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