11 Year Old Performs Cpr, Saves Grandmother | Health – Home

“It wasn’t a full-size bite,” said Capt. Tracy Lizlotte, a lifeguard for the Los Angeles County Fire Department. The scars to his psyche may be deeper. Robles, who would swim two miles from the Hermosa Beach pier to the Manhattan Beach pier each Saturday, said he is afraid to go back into the water. “I hope I do someday, but it’s off the table right now.” He spent a restless night Saturday, waking up from nightmares, he said. The aftermath of the attack was recorded on cell phone video by someone on the beach who was alerted by the screaming.
Source: Nightmares haunt swimmer bitten by great white shark – CNN.com

Nightmares haunt swimmer bitten by great white shark – CNN.com

The fifth-grader called 911, carefully following the instructions.

“I was doing chest compressions, I was counting like 1, 2, 3, 4,” Kendall said.

Responding paramedics were surprised to find an 11-year-old handling the life or death emergency.

“They were surprised, I saw their eyes like open wide,” Kendall said.

Doctors say Lovato suffered a major heart attack and that the CPR saved her life.

“When the paramedics got there, they had to restart her heart four times,” Kendall’s father, Art Stillwell said. “If it wasn’t for her, the paramedics and the fire department says there’s no possible way she would have made it.”

Kendall’s family say they can’t believe she didn’t panic and were surprised to learn she even knew CPR.
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