Poltergeist Turns Out To Be Woman On ‘meth Rampage’ – Upi.com

Reported knife threat lands Dalton man in jail | Times Free Press

The place was completely trashed and their mail and clothing had been strewn throughout the home. The unknown perpetrator had also “smeared lotion on a door handle, removed the inner soles from all of their shoes, screwed a single screw into a piece of scrap wood and placed an upside-down can of paint on top of their toilet.” After a purse with a 27-year-old woman’s ID card was found, Seattle Police Department officers were called to the scene. The woman was nowhere to be found, so they departed. Police returned after the couple called them back to the scene when they started hearing noises from under the bed. The mystery woman appeared “to be having a panic attack.” According to the SPD , “the woman informed police she had been on a ‘meth rampage’ for several days and had also broken into another home around the block earlier in the evening.” She was arrested and booked for investigation of burglary. Follow @itishowitis and @UPI on Twitter.
Source: Poltergeist turns out to be woman on ‘meth rampage’ – UPI.com

The report gives this account: Raby and a juvenile girl walked into the Kangaroo Express on Carbondale Road about 8 p.m., but the clerk confronted them. “The two of you aren’t allowed in the store,” said Chelsea Lee Johns, 23. Raby and the girl stayed inside. Eventually, Johns’ husband, 23-year-old Brett Kelby Noblitt, drove to the store and came inside. He argued with Raby, and Raby whipped out a knife. Noblitt retreated to his car. Raby followed him. The men stayed about 30 yards apart, yelling at each other, as Johns called 911.
Read More: Reported knife threat lands Dalton man in jail | Times Free Press


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