2014 Preview: Colts Have The Weapons To Take The Next Step | Fox Sports On Msn

The only thing taken was $50 cash and a purse containing a 27-year-old womans identification was left on top of the couples bed, reports say. Responding officers looked for evidence of forced entry, but couldnt find any such signs. They surmised the only way into the couples home was to shimmy up a tree and enter through a window, according to the Seattle Police Department. Officers dusted for fingerprints, but couldnt find anything. Puzzled, they eventually left the home to report the incident. The couple called police shortly thereafter to report hearing noises coming from under their bed, police say. Officers arrived to find a 27-year-old woman come out of the couples bedroom.
Source: Woman on ‘meth rampage’ emerges from under bed at U-District condo – Seattle 911 — A Police and Crime Blog

That Time Todd Glass Thought He Was Having a Heart Attack | Advocate.com

The Colts are just getting a perennial winner with eight 1,000-yard receiving seasons under his belt back in the mix. Wayne is still working his way back from a torn ACL in his right knee, but he says he’s never been more ready to go. What’s more, he feels he owes something to the team. “I feel like I kind of left them hanging a bit, last year, so it’s the team, I want to be back out there with the team,” said Wayne , who also says he’s “healthiest I’ve been, probably since ’02.” Young bucks: The Colts have a trio of young receivers who are fighting for deserved playing time. Da’Rick Rogers came through with a huge catch in last season’s epic playoff comeback win over the Chiefs , Griff Whalen continues to scrap as he pulled down 24 catches with two touchdowns and also contributed on special teams. But the real key here could be rookie Donte Moncrief, the Ole Miss receiver who the Colts grabbed with a third-round draft pick. “In my opinion, the Colts got a steal,” said Grant Heard, Moncrief’s position coach at Ole Miss, to the Indy Star . “I think they got a first-round talent for a third-round draft pick.” Tight ends: Rounding out the weapons are two emerging big bodies.
More: 2014 preview: Colts have the weapons to take the next step | FOX Sports on MSN

BY Todd Glass July 11 2014 8:00 AM ET The following is an excerpt From The Todd Glass Situation: I’m standing backstage at Largo at the Coronet where, once every fewmonths, Sarah Silverman invites a group of comedians to put on a show. Tonights lineup includes Sarah, Jeff Ross, and Chelsea Peretti. Im the closing act. I cant wait to get out there. Ive been a stand-up comedian for almost thirty years and I can honestly tellyou, without exaggeration, that it is my favorite thing to do. Every time Im about to take the stage I feel like a kid twenty feet from the entrance to Disneyland. Performing gives me an adrenaline rush like no other. Some nights Im so amped Ill sprint from backstage right into the middle of the crowd, doing some silly bit as I run up and down the aisles.
Source: That Time Todd Glass Thought He Was Having a Heart Attack | Advocate.com


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