Why Hezbollah Is Playing A Smaller Role In This Iraqi Conflict – Yahoo News

Send Thanks! A link has been sent. Done Letter to Redskins owner Why Hezbollah is playing a smaller role in this Iraqi conflict The Lebanese militant organization is sending a small unit to assist Iran, its sponsor, in training Iraqi Shiite militia. Fighting in Syria and spillover onto Lebanese soil take priority for now. By Nicholas Blanford 6 hours ago 0 shares Content preferences Done Hezbollah has dispatched a team of around 250 military advisors to help Iraqi Shiites fight back againstthe extremist Islamic State (IS) and other Sunni forces, according to sources close to the Iran -backed Lebanese Shiite militant group. The deployment of the team comes as Hezbollah continues to battle Syrianrebel groups both in Syria and lately inside Lebanon , on its eastern frontier, underlining just how interwoven the conflicts in Syria and Iraq have become. Hezbollah is aligned withSyrian President Bashar al-Assad and, via its Iranian sponsors, with the Shiite-dominated government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. On Tuesday, Iraq’s parliament elected a new speaker, Salim al-Juburi, a move that may pave the way for the formation of a new Iraqi government after weeks of inaction. Recommended: The mother of all quizzes: How much do you know about US-Iraq relations?
Source: Why Hezbollah is playing a smaller role in this Iraqi conflict – Yahoo News

Ten people dead in Moscow metro accident: city authorities – Yahoo News

Rescue teams were combing throught the mangled metal carriages in an attempt to extricate several bodies. “I thought it was the end,” one surviving passenger said on television. “We were trapped and only got out through a miracle. “There were lots of injured. Various injuries: heads, legs.” President Vladimir Putin, who is on a trip to Brazil, ordered a criminal probe into the tragedy that put a huge strain on the city of some 12 million and snarled traffic on its notoriously clogged roads amid a heatwave. Sirens wailed as dozens of ambulances rushed to help treat the wounded and helicopters buzzed overhead to evacuate those with serious injuries, AFP journalists said at the scene outside the Park Pobedy metro station in western Moscow.
More: Ten people dead in Moscow metro accident: city authorities – Yahoo News


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