‘poltergeist’ Under Couple’s Bed Is Actually Woman On ‘meth Rampage’ | Wtkr.com

The couple contacted Seattle police, who came to investigate. When officers arrived they looked for signs of a break-in, but found none. Police said the only other way into the couples home would have required someone to shimmy up a tree and climb through a window. Officers then dusted for fingerprints throughout the condo and found nothing. The officers then returned to their precinct to document the bizarre case. A short time later, officers received a second call from the couple, who said they had begun hearing noises coming from under their bed.
Source: ‘Poltergeist’ under couple’s bed is actually woman on ‘meth rampage’ | WTKR.com

A second candidate, Shorooq al-Abayachi, received 19 votes. There were 60 abstentions. With help from U.S. advisers, Iraqi forces have secured a crucial highway about 100 miles from Baghdad, but are looking for greater assistance in… Lawmakers broke into applause after al-Jubouri passed the 165-vote threshold needed to win the post, before the proceedings turned to electing two deputy speakers – one Shiite and one Kurd. According to the constitution, parliament now has 30 days to elect a president, who will then have 15 days to ask the leader of the largest bloc in the legislature to form a government. Then a prime minister will be picked. Under an informal agreement that took hold after the 2003 U.S.-led invasion, the speaker’s chair goes to a Sunni, the presidency to a Kurd and the prime minister’s post to a Shiite.
For the original version, visit http://www.cbsnews.com/news/amid-militant-crisis-iraq-takes-first-step-toward-forming-new-government/


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