Minnesota Veteran Treats Service Dog Incident As Teaching Moment – Twincities.com

If the veteran says, “Get my back,” the dog sits right behind him and watches his perimeter, giving the veteran a sense of security that keeps anxiety at bay. “And at home the dogs are trained to wake their veterans up from night terrors,” said Linda Wiedewitsch, the woman behind the Patriot Assistance Dog program. Wiedewitsch and Junker said Patriot Assistance Dogs join the ranks of a growing number of therapy dogs, including dogs for the hearing impaired, those that alert their handlers to low blood sugar and those that respond to impending seizures. After Connolly’s encounter, Brainerd restaurant employees said they thought service dogs had to wear vests. His dog wasn’t wearing one, but rather was wearing a scarf that identified it as a Patriot Assistance Dog in training. A vest is not a requirement, Wiedewitsch said.
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Why Hezbollah is playing a smaller role in this Iraqi conflict – Yahoo News

Ali Musa Daqdouq, a veteran Hezbollah commander, was the partys senior representative in Iraq and worked closely with Asaib Ahl al-Haq. He was accused of involvement in an attack on a US base in 2007 in which five American soldiers were abducted and subsequently executed. Mr. Daqdouq was arrested by British forces in Basra in March 2007, but an Iraqi court released him in 2012, to the dismay of the Obama administration. He has since returned to Beirut. KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON For all the regional uproar over the rapid advance of IS-led Sunni forces across northern Iraq, neither Hezbollah nor Iran appear to be panicking just yet. Ms.Slim, an expert on Hezbollah, said that during a recent visit to Tehran, she detected little panic or alarm among Iranian officials at developments in Iraq.
Source: Why Hezbollah is playing a smaller role in this Iraqi conflict – Yahoo News

Domino’s Becomes Battleground in Hamas Cyber Onslaught on Israel – Bloomberg

Read More Close Open Photographer: Andrew Burton/Getty Images Israelis check their cell phones while waiting for outgoing rocket fire or Israeli airstrikes from a hill overlooking the Gaza Strip on July 14, in Sderot. Israel s latest confrontation with Hamas is also playing out on the digital battlefield as each side jockeys for the virtual upper hand. Hackers who took over the Facebook page of Dominos Pizza Israel this week warned that Hamas, the Islamist movement that controls the Gaza Strip, would unleash a fifth of its estimated 10,000-rocket arsenal on Israel in a single barrage. Israels Shin Bet domestic security service said text messages were circulated in its name about bogus attacks and injuries from rocket fire. Cyber assaults have risen tenfold since fighting escalated last week, industry specialists say. Hamas is turning up its psychological warfare as it upgrades its tactics in the decades-long battle with Israel.
For the original version, visit http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-07-17/domino-s-becomes-battleground-in-hamas-cyber-onslaught-on-israel.html


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