15 Clubs That Have To Get Moving Fast In The 2014 Transfer Window | Bleacher Report

Murphy’s Law: The Robopocalypse Came And Went

Valencia Ricardo Mazalan/Associated Press Valencia were poor for most of last season, and the off-field problems look set to continue. They’ve lost Juan Bernat and Seydou Keita this summerand Philippe Senderos, if that’s an issue. Only Nicolas Otamendi is a reasonable incoming talent. Mid-table anonymity might be a fond memory by January at this rate. Juventus Luis Hidalgo/Associated Press The change in managers at Juve was sudden and surprising, so it remains to be seen what impact that has on their transfer dealings. Arturo Vidal looks almost certain to depart, and there are few particularly big-name rumours surrounding Juventus at this moment.
Source: 15 Clubs That Have to Get Moving Fast in the 2014 Transfer Window | Bleacher Report

Flight control software handles many more mundane functions, like dealing with common in-flight problems. This kind of software makes it possible for difficult (impossible, in the case of the F-117) to fly military aircraft to be controlled by a pilot. Weapons guidance systems have long used target recognition systems that work with a pattern recognition library that enables many different targets to be identified and certain ones to be attacked. To air force developers, autonomous armed UAVs that can be trusted to kill enemy troops, and not civilians or friendly ones, are not extraordinary but the next stop in a long line of software developments. What civilians fear, and journalists exploit, is capabilities that weapons are a long, long way from having. These include persistence (the ability to keep at it for more than a few minutes or hours) and replication (robots building robots). Without those two capabilities, robotic weapons are no real threat to mankind. And thats why there was no general panic when robotic torpedoes, smart mines and guided missiles showed up over fifty years ago.
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Israeli mood turns dark with mounting casualties | WashingtonExaminer.com

In a country where military service is mandatory for most citizens, and military losses are considered every bit as tragic as civilian ones, the reaction to the setbacks was electric. Newspapers and broadcasts have been dominated by images and tales of the fallen mostly young faces barely out of high school and interviews with parents concerned for offspring so clearly now imperiled. We’re sorry, there was an error processing your newsletter signup. Please click here to visit our Newsletter Signup Center to register for this newsletter. Angst over the highest military toll since the 2006 Lebanon war now mixes with a cocktail of emotions: on one hand, a strong current of determination to press on with efforts to end the rocket fire from Gaza; on the other, the sinking feeling that a quagmire is at hand. “It’s ugly and it’s no walk in the park,” said Alon Geller, a 42-year-old legal intern from central Israel.
Source: Israeli mood turns dark with mounting casualties | WashingtonExaminer.com


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