Israel To Expand Ground Offensive Against Hamas In Gaza –

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Israeli mood turns dark with mounting casualties |

schools. Israel and Hamas at ceasefire crossroad The Israel Defense Forces announced that it is expanding its ground offensive into Gaza on Sunday. It is adding more troops to the incursion it began on Thursday after more than a week of airstrikes. Accelerated death As the battle between Israel and Hamas militants grows, the death toll in Gaza is rising at an accelerated clip. On Saturday, 62 Palestinians died, according to Gaza health officials, as clashes between Israeli soldiers and Hamas Islamist fighters intensified, and Israeli tanks shelled targets in northern Gaza. The overall death toll in Gaza has reached at least 386 since the Israeli military operation Protective Edge began July 8, according to Gaza health officials.
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“But we have to finish the operation. If we stop now before reaching our goals, the soldiers will have died in vain.” But the Haaretz newspaper warned against mission creep and the “wholesale killing” of Palestinian civilians. “The soft Gaza sand … could turn into quicksand,” it said in its editorial Monday. “There can be no victory here. … Israel must limit its time in the Strip.” There was always near-consensus among Israelis for the airstrikes aimed at ending the rocket fire, which they considered unreasonable and outrageous.
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