Op-ed: Why The Gay Panic Defense Must Go | Advocate.com

Last autumn, during a panel at Fords Theatre in Washington, D.C., marking the 15th anniversary of Matthew Shepards death, his mother, Judy, noted that it was when his murderers used the panic defense in court that the country finally understood: They actually had no legitimate defense at all. There is no excuse for murder and no legal legitimacy to a defense built on homophobia or transphobia on ignorance or fear. As the prosecution of the recent attackers in Atlanta and Cincinnati moves forward, lawyers and judges have a unique opportunity to send a strong message to future would-be perpetrators. If courts in the South and the Midwest refuse to let this defense take root, it would be a huge step forward in our movements work to win not just legal equality, but indeed, legal validity and respect for LGBT people. A lot has changed in our country over the past 15 years. But we havent changed nearly enough until weve said, as a nation, that every life is valuable and no one can be attacked, murdered, or demeaned in our country or our courts because of who they are.
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Seeking ‘second wind’ in Bellator, Karo Parisyan doesn’t want to be forgotten | MMAjunkie

But I dont want people to forget who brought judo to the table in mixed martial arts. No one can deny that I was the one who put judo on the map in this sport. There were a hundred guys carrying the flag for wrestling, a hundred guys for kickboxing and jiu-jitsu, but there was only one guy for judo. I dont care what anyone says about that. They can say Im cocky and arrogant, but its the truth. There was only one guy carrying the flag for judo, and that was me. That might be part of whats driving him these days. Another part, he said, is that he thinks he still has more left in him than people realize. Hes only 31, after all.
For the original version, visit http://mmajunkie.com/2014/07/seeking-second-wind-in-bellator-karo-parisyan-doesnt-want-to-be-forgotten

Bulgaria’s prime minister resigns with bank crisis unresolved – Yahoo News

The Socialists ruled with the ethnic Turkish MRF party in a minority coalition, which relied on the outside support of the nationalist Attack party to cling to power and survive repeated no confidence votes while in office. Hundreds gathered in the Bulgarian capital as news of the resignation broke, chanting “victory”, as two lines of police looked on in front of the parliament building. Wednesday also marked the first anniversary of an eight-hour siege of parliament by protesters demanding the government’s resignation. But opposition GERB leader Boiko Borisov wrote on his Facebook wall: “Such a belated resignation, and knowing what ruin they leave behind, I could not even enjoy it.” Earlier, protesters threw tomatoes at a government building, according to local media reports. The government stands down with no consensus in sight about how to rescue Corporate Commercial Bank (Corpbank) and protect its depositors after a run on the bank in June. The central bank governor on Tuesday wrote to parliament offering to step down, saying he would not let the bank be used as a political “toy” after repeated attacks on the institution. MORE DEBTDepositors unnerved by reports of shady deals by Corpbank’s main owner withdrew more than a fifth of deposits in a week-long bank run.
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