Seahawks Training Camp Storylines To Watch: Offense | – Seattle Sidelines

The talk from Pryor and the Seahawks so far has been that hes here to play quarterback, but perhaps if he is willing and can carve out a dual role in camp as a quarterback and an occasional receiver/tight end/red zone threat, Seattle would be more likely to keep a third quarterback if its someone capable of contributing in multiple ways. With Russell Wilson in his third year, and with Percy Harvin healthy, will the offense look any different? Some ask this question wondering if the Seahawks will throw the ball more often, and if youre approaching it from that angle, the answer is likely no. Sure, the Seahawks could throw the ball a bit more, but their run-to-pass ratio wont change dramatically unless for some reason the Seahawks find themselves frequently trailing late in games, something that seems unlikely given their talent level, especially on defense. Carroll believes in a balanced attack, in setting the tone with a physical running game, and that wont change in 2014. That being said, the passing game could look a bit different this season, and well start to get hints of what it might look like when camp begins. As we saw in the Super Bowl, Harvin changes things for an offense, and the Seahawks will look to find ways to get him the ball in space, perhaps with more short, quick passes, or on the fly-sweep type runs we saw twice in the Super Bowl.
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