Nfl 101: Breaking Down The Basics Of Man Pressure | Bleacher Report

World Bank: Boko Haram Stalls African Aid Projects

2 to the closed side of the formation. As you can see, the edge-rusher to the open side of the formation will peel on the running back if he releases on the quick swing route. If he blocks to the open side (or uses scan protection to the closed side), the edge-rusher continues on the blitz path. The peel technique is built into multiple zero pressure schemes as it allows the defense to rush off the edge with the security of matching to the back if the offense wants to use the swing route to give the quarterback a quick read to beat the blitz. Defending the Sight Adjust (Flat-Foot Read) The sight adjust (or hot read) is a quick, three-step route conversion used by the offense to counter/beat man pressure. Wide receivers will run the hot (slant, hitch, quick out, smoke) when they read pressure and/or off-man. However, depending on the down-and-distance situation, this is exactly what you want to see from a defensive perspective when using a flat-foot read (no backpedal, read through the three-step drop) in order to drive downhill, make a play or tackle the receiver to get off the field (third down).
More: NFL 101: Breaking Down the Basics of Man Pressure | Bleacher Report

Makhtar Diop, a vice president for the financial institution, said the rebel group Boko Harams terrorism has set back projects to improve the livelihoods of people in famine-stricken northern Cameroon and Nigeria and southern Chad. In northern Cameroon, a high-poverty area thats vulnerable to natural disasters, a $108 million grant is stagnating instead of rehabilitating embankments, dams and irrigation systems and improving disaster-preparedness. Diop met with Cameroon President Paul Biya to discuss how Boko Haram has created panic and slowed the execution of some World Bank-financed projects. Diop told VOA they talked about economic development and how to increase the conditions of peace and stability and try also to see how we can strengthen all the social protection programs to alleviate poverty. Governor complains Midjiyawa Bakari governs a far northern region of Cameroon, where World Bank grants aim to restore rice production and provide food and income for the areas 3 million-plus residents. But he told VOA the projects had suffered because most beneficiaries and aid workers are leaving, fearing the violent Islamist group and its regular assaults on villages. The governor said its time to address the insecurity in north Cameroon. He adds that residents have found weapons buried in some towns and are investigating their origins. Such situations scare people from working in the north, he concludes.
Source: World Bank: Boko Haram Stalls African Aid Projects


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