Hudson River Plane Survivor Encourages Others To Be Resourceful |

He thought maybe the plane lost its engine. However, he did not know the craft had collided with a flock of geese that disabled both engines. He remembers looking out the window and seeing fire by the left wing. “It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop,” Sanderson said about the passengers. The now-famous flight captain, Chesley Sullenberger, had to make an emergency landing that happened to be in the Hudson. Sanderson said the plane hit the water going 100 to 120 mph. As the last passenger on the plane, he felt he was responsible for the safety of others and risked his own life to help others off the plane.
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Al-Aqsa Hospital Hit As Strikes on Gaza’s Medical Facilities Continue | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

Also, EuropaCorp. recently hired its acquisition team and is poised to take on the Toronto Film Festival. RELATED: Luc Bessons EuropaCorp. Creates U.S. Acquisition Team Lucy is not only on track to win the weekend at the box office but is also delivering the most social engagement activity above Hercules, the Rob Reiner-directed And So it Goes (not surprisingly) as well as The Purge: Anarchy (in its second weekend) and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Interestingly, a parody video created by YouTube superstar Ryan Higa (who has over 12M subscribers) pulled in 2.37M views as of this morning, according to RelishMix. That parody is also linking to the official trailer so is driving traffic into that. Lucy stars Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman, the latter of which has 14M fans on FB, so his fans are engaging.
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Box Office: ‘Lucy’ To Overpower ‘Hercules’ And ‘Apes’

The elevator is destroyed and all hospital assets are badly damaged, Khattab told MEE, inspecting the destruction around him. Aqsa hospital in central Gaza is the only hospital providing services to several refugee camps, including al-Maghazi, al-Nuseirat as well as some towns and villages including Deir el Balah and Juhu al-Dik. Health officials estimate that Aqsa is the main hospital serving over 350,000 residents of Gaza . Since the start of Operation Protective Edge, more than 550 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have been killed at least 3,350 injured. One Israeli civilian and 25 Israeli soldiers have also been killed in the fighting. Gazas medical infrastructure was already hard hit by the conflict, but the hit on Aqsa has further stretched resources.
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