Armchair Analyst: End Of The Bash Brothers, New England’s State Of Panic & Other Week 20 Thoughts |

More to the point, though: That San Jose team saw the aerial duel as an option, not a necessity. Maybe it was even the best option we can all remember those late goals and the insanity of Goonie Time. But Lenhart and Gordon were always much better with their feet than people gave them credit for, much more dangerous pulling off the front line to combine with what at the time seemed like an endless array of speedy, north-south wingers. Over the last two years, things have changed. Launching long ball after long ball up to whichever of the Bash Bros. happened to be in there became the default setting for San Jose, and a sadly repetitive one at that. Here are the aerial duel stats for the year to date: First place by a good chunk in total aerials, and second to last in chances created from open play. Only Chivas TBD who are incredibly reactive to the point of being a statistical outlier across a host of metrics are worse.
Source: Armchair Analyst: End of the Bash Brothers, New England’s state of panic & other Week 20 thoughts |

The Slice: Garage bands are perfect for homebodies – – July 31, 2014

The Is have it: Robert McGinty was teaching at NIC (then North Idaho Junior College) when he won a National Science Foundation grant enabling him to spend a year studying in Pennsylvania. He drove an old Ford with Idahoplates. During the entire academic year we were known as the couple fromIowa. Local flavor: You asked about Spokane social customs the You have viewed 20 free articles or blogs allowed within a 30-day period. FREE registration is now required for uninterrupted access. Registration Required If I had a band I would call it UnapologeticHomebodies. Or The RockChucks. I might opt for Garbage Goat, but I think a local garage band used that about 20 yearsago.
Source: The Slice: Garage bands are perfect for homebodies – – July 31, 2014

This Is Why Ex-NSA Chief Keith Alexander Can Charge $1 Million A Month For Cyber-Security – Yahoo News

(RELATED:Congressman Accuses Ex-NSA Head Of Trading Secrets For Profit) In a Monday interview with Foreign Policy, Alexander explained that he and his IronNet Cybersecurity Inc. firm have created their own unique method for detecting and preventing hacks and cyber attacks. Such so-called advanced persistent threats, which can target government agencies and private companies for months or years undetected, have been a concern of Alexanders for years especially in regard to the financial industry. Alexander said he plans to patent the technology behind the revolutionary cyber-security a move that could raise even more allegations of turning a profit from his tenure in public service, with the addition of the intimate classified intelligence knowledge afforded to Alexander by his direct placement on the U.S.s cyber-war front. An upper-hand like Alexanders is likely to attract accusations of misguided ethics, profiteering and foul play from other cyber-security firms in the industry especially in light of the retired generals recent ouster amidst the ethically and legally questionable NSA bulk surveillance practices leaked by former signals intelligence agency contractor Edward Snowden. The former spy chief claims his patentable tech is recognizably different from his work at NSA, which holds intellectual property rights over other tech developed at the agency under Alexanders tenure.
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