Fracking: Poster Child For The Corporate Welfare State – The Western News: Opinion

The change of stress on existing fault lines from the injection of water can trigger them with water travelling along fault lines and causing earthquakes up to 22 miles away. And other states Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Ohio have also seen sharp rises in small earthquakes corresponding to the introduction of fracking there. Youngstown, Ohio which hadnt previously been bothered by earthquakes was hit by 109 of them in 2011 following the creation of an injection well. Somehow Im guessing even the minor structural damage to homes from thousands of earthquakes in five states, breakage of possessions, and the like, would cumulatively amount to a significant sum of money enough to have a real impact on the bottom line of an industry that has problems with financial sustainability as it is and is highly reliant on a bubble financing Ponzi scheme. And we havent even gotten into the poisoning of groundwater from injection of toxic chemicals into geologically unstable areas. At every step of the way, the state steps in to subsidize the operating costs of the fossil fuel industry, steal land for it to build pipelines on, and indemnify it against liability through regulatory preemption of tort law or even flat out statutory caps on liability for damage. And yet self-proclaimed libertarians like the Koch Brothers and much of the right-wing libertarian think tank and periodicals establishment loudly proclaim their support for fracking and Keystone in the name of the free market. Sorry, folks.
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3OYS: Phoenix woman claims Jackson Hewitt’s tax error cost her | Phoenix

The IRS letter indicated she owed more than $1,600 because of an error made on her taxes. However, Samantha had turned everything over to Jackson Hewitt. The company has an “accuracy guarantee,”according to its own website. “We stand behind our work,”the website states. “All paid tax returns come with our FREE Accuracy Guarantee, which entitles you to reimbursement of penalties and interest charged by a taxing authority if a Jackson Hewitt Tax Pro makes an error preparing your tax return.” Whitright said it did not seem like Jackson Hewitt took its “accuracy guarantee” very seriously when she turned to the company to resolve her error. He (a Jackson Hewitt employee) said that they will do nothing about it,” Whitright said.
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‘True Blood,’ After 9 Years and 7 Seasons, Finally Took O | Indiewire

For instance, Sams appointment as Mayor and the subsequent dissent of the town, is a nod to the embattled ex-mayor Ray Nagin . Just as Nagin faced looting, violence, and the breakdown of societal boundaries, so does Sam (although we can only hope Sam turns out to be a better mayor than Nagin, especially given his recent legal troubles ). In opposition to Sam and his jurisdiction, there is a group of dissenters that are distrustful of the new establishment. Although Bon Temps rebels are made cartoonish in their villainy, there is no doubt that their fear of the governmental authority looks a lot like that of the citizens of New Orleans and the surrounding, affected areas. The parallel is striking; especially when members of the town form a mob to raid the local police station in order to steal their weapons. The mob, intent on rebelling against the current authority, announces they are there to demonstrate “part of our second amendment rights to not be fucked over by our government” — a common sentiment of those affected by the storm.
More: ‘True Blood,’ After 9 Years and 7 Seasons, Finally Took O | Indiewire


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