Onmilwaukee.com Music: Catching Up With Wisconsin-based Phenom Phox

Her other accomplishments include setting a record by crossing the Boston Harbor (16 miles) in just more than seven hours, completing a solo circumnavigation of Manhattan Island (28.5 miles) and a 1-mile swim in the frigid 41-degree waters of the Boston Harbor – without a wet suit. Howley graduated from Georgetown University in 2000, and when she isn’t shredding the water, she is the associate editor for U.S. Masters Swimming. A gifted writer, she has had several award-winning stories published in a variety of media. Howley was invited to Sandpoint by Ridgway, who was part of a team of 10 swimmers which circumnavigated the 84 miles of Lake Pend Oreille in 2011. Ridgway has long held that the deep and expansive lake is perfect for open-water swims, and is excited to see the latest adventure swim taking shape.
More: ‘Putting one arm in front of the other’ – Coeur d’Alene Press: Local News

Processing issue delays bar exam submissions – Yahoo News

We changed around a few small things, which just created a new synergy in the studio, which was great. And then something like “Laura,” which is another one of our older songs like one of the first five songs we wrote it just changed so much since we wrote it, and we haven’t performed it that much. It took us like all day to get in the zone where we felt like we were doing it right. OMC: How did the whole recording process go? MH: It was just like an all-day thing. We’d start in the morning, maybe around 11 o’clock. We’d usually do some full band takes, where you’d record guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and we’d do it as many takes as it took in between five and ten maybe until we had the one we wanted to keep. And then we’d start overdubbing, and then around maybe ten o’clock, Monica would want to start doing vocals, and then she and Brian (Joseph, the album’s producer) would stay up in the booth doing vocals until like three in the morning.
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Knotts said the company is looking into what caused the delays and hopes to have an answer by later Wednesday morning. “What happened today is not acceptable,” he said. Knotts said the vast majority of users had uploaded their exam files as of early Wednesday and added that the company is working to resolve the issue completely. The company’s website lists 15 states that extended their deadlines for submitting the exams. The Boca Raton, Florida-based ExamSoft also has offices in Dallas and administers bar exams in 43 U.S. states.
For the original version, visit http://news.yahoo.com/processing-issue-delays-bar-exam-submissions-060901699.html


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