Security Researchers Flag Usb Drives As Instruments Of Evil | Apps And Software |

We wont really know until SR Labs presents their findings in detail, but heres how things look right now. Most industry insiders that have engineered a USB device are saying two things. First, that this flaw isnt anything new. Its been known about for years, and there have been previous talks at security conferences on the subject. Second, that its generally not a simple task to rewrite the firmware on a USB device specialized tools are required and they may only work with one specific firmware controller. Thats why these folks never pressed the panic button. Its a fundamental flaw, to be sure, but its one that isnt necessarily that easy to exploit.
Source: Security researchers flag USB drives as instruments of evil | Apps and Software |

Ebola fear is going viral | New York Post

in a few days now I know for sure that our leaders are incompetent. KEEP THEM OUT OF HERE! Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 1, 2014 The 2 doctors with Ebola knew the risks. They are doctors! To bring them back to Atlanta thinking everything is under control is very naive! wrote one tweeter, Cynthia Buchanan of Eastlake, Ohio. Joe Smith of Birmingham, Ala., tweeted, Im telling yall something bad is going to come of them bringing this Ebola patient to Atlanta. Another tweeted, Am I supposed to be excited that theyre bring an Ebola patient within 50 miles of my home? Dr.
More: Ebola fear is going viral | New York Post

Processing issue delays bar exam submissions – Yahoo News

“This was not at all a system-wide failure. The experience was a delay and some difficulty” in uploading the files, he said. “At no point in time was the integrity of their exam files ever affected.” Knotts said he couldn’t say what time the delays began or how many people in total were affected but said by late afternoon on the East Coast, the company was noticing extended wait times on its support line. Knotts said the company is looking into what caused the delays and hopes to have an answer by later Wednesday morning. “What happened today is not acceptable,” he said. Knotts said the vast majority of users had uploaded their exam files as of early Wednesday and added that the company is working to resolve the issue completely. The company’s website lists 15 states that extended their deadlines for submitting the exams. The Boca Raton, Florida-based ExamSoft also has offices in Dallas and administers bar exams in 43 U.S.
Source: Processing issue delays bar exam submissions – Yahoo News


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