In-flight Wifi Can Be Hacked With Potentially Dire Consequences | Apps And Software |

Severing a communications link or poisoning it while in the air? It could be a recipe for disaster. There may not be any need to panic, however. Though the presentation sounds like it could be a terrifying one, representatives from all the companies Santamarta singled out say theyve read his paper and that the risks are minimal. According to a Cobham spokesperson, only one of a planes communication systems is at any real risk the one that carries the data for in-flight WiFi. While losing that link would be an inconvenience for other passengers, its not going to cause a plane to veer off course or plummet out of the sky.
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Gods Will Be Watching Review: Morality After Math | Joystiq

Maybe you ease the stress by ordering a hostage into the break room where you could forget about them until they’ve chilled out and gotten gutsy enough to tackle you. Perhaps you’ll just shoot one of them in the leg to ground him and scare the rest. But if that poor soul bleeds to death, the guards speed up their march and you’ll lose anyway. Doing this without hurting anyone is extremely difficult. Gods Will Be Watching is not morally ambiguous so much as morally abstract it encourages you to think of decisions as transactions against time, and people as weights around your neck. Your one power is to have a wide view of the situation, of how much everything costs, and what statistics may lead to success or certainly to failure. Does that perspective make you one of the gods?
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How a Stroke of Improvisation and Inspiration Saved Europe in WWI – Yahoo Finance

The Germans, under Gen. Helmuth von Moltke, had moved switfly through Belgium and France and were looking to take Paris in August 1914. It could have been a death stroke for the French, who, though backed up by the British at the time, were largely outnumbered by the size of the German First and Second armies. The plan was for the First and Second armies to surround Paris from the west and the east. The trouble was, a lack of communication — and some might argue a lack of nerve — caused the plan to change, and the Germans suddenly found themselves with both army groupseast of Paris and moving southeast. That move left the Germans’ right flank exposed to the French. Related: The 15 Ronald Reagan Quotes Every Business Leader Must Know Trouble was, there was no way to get French soldiers to the front to take advantage of the opportunity. Enter Gen.
More: How a Stroke of Improvisation and Inspiration Saved Europe in WWI – Yahoo Finance


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