Letter: More Questions Than Answers On 2050 Plan | Rockdale Citizen

Some were abducted by his security agents. Now they are on the defensive again. Witnesses reached by telephone said about 100 babies died from thirst in mountains infested by snakes and scorpions. But coming down from the mountains and returning to Sinjar is a risky option. In other places they have captured, Islamic State militants have imposed their radical view of Islam – women must wear a full-face veil, Shi’ite mosques must be dynamited, “infidels” eliminated. Minorities have little chance of surviving unless they conform. Nareen Shammo, a Yazidi activist, said families who stayed behind in Sinjar were forced to convert to Islam.
Source: Iraq’s Yazidis cling to a mountaintop as Islamic State advances – Yahoo News

Property that is zoned for commercial purposes is clearly valued higher than land zoned for residential or deemed green space only. When property is appraised, one of the determining factors the appraiser uses is the highest and best use of the property. This means that if the property being appraised is zoned commercial with no limitations it will appraise for more. The other side of the equation is properties zoned residential and green space come with limitations, decreasing the appraisal values. The questions still lingering in my mind are the details in the aesthetic zoning, conveying my property, and the 20-acre lot minimum. I have heard that each community will have the authority to dictate the style and number of windows each newly constructed house can have. In regard to the 20-acre minimum lot for building, if I own property that falls shy of the 20-acre minimum lot, is my property grandfathered in or will my property be immediately subjected to the 20-acre lot minimum?
Source: LETTER: More questions than answers on 2050 Plan | Rockdale Citizen


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