Islamic State Persecution Of Yazidi Minority Amounts To Genocide, Un Says (+video) –

Unlike Christians, who have been toldthey must either pay a religious tax or convert to Islam to avoid death,the Yazidis are considered by Sunni militantsto be infidels who deserveextermination. Recommended: The mother of all quizzes: How much do you know about US-Iraq relations? We believe that what they have done may be classified as genocide and a crime against humanity, Gyorgy Busztin, the deputy special representativein Iraqof the UN secretary general, tells the Christian Science Monitor. Regrettably the information indicates that they are not even given the choice of life or conversion but they are being treated as a group to be eliminated from the face of the earth. Video Yazidis at White House plead for weapons and aid Busztin says the UN is still gathering numbers but it believes hundreds of Yazidis have been killed while others, primarily women, have been abducted and taken into slavery. The labeling the campaign against the Yazidi as genocidecarries some weight and could spur international relief efforts.But it has no immediate practical implications, nor is it likely to sway the militants in their assault on other sects and faiths in Iraq and Syria. Busztin says the UN still needs to collect more data to substantiate the allegations of genocide.
Source: Islamic State persecution of Yazidi minority amounts to genocide, UN says (+video) –

It’s been a trying year for Bryce Harper | HardballTalk

So now what? Well, Strasburg is having an unusual year. He leads the National League in starts and strikeouts and his 177-to-33 strikeout-to-walk ratio is fantastic. But he also is posting the highest ERA of his career so far (3.39) and the Nationals are just 12-12 in games he starts. He has honed his change-up into one of the most devastating pitches in the game, but his velocity slowly comes down and hitters have teed off on his fastball for much of the season. Even teammates have commented on how aggressively hitters attack his fastball.
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Islamic State pushes back Kurdish forces near Irbil, sparking panic – Middle East – Stripes

Kurdish military officials said that the situation was under control, but the flow of people suggested otherwise a startling reversal in a region long presumed safe from an Islamic State incursion. The United States, worried about security in Baghdad two months ago, selected Irbil as one of two Iraqi cities safe enough to receive staff evacuated from the U.S. Embassy. Falah Bakir, the foreign minister for the Kurdistan Regional Government, said in an interview with CNN that the Kurds faced disaster and needed immediate assistance. We are left alone in the front to fight the terrorists of ISIS, he said, using an acronym for the Islamic State, who used to call itself the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. I believe the United States has a moral responsibility to support us, because this is a fight against terrorism, and we have proven to be pro-democracy, pro-West, and pro-secularism, Bakir said. Tensions were high in the Kurdish capital.
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