Islamic State Persecution Of Yazidi Minority Amounts To Genocide, Un Says (+video) –

The labeling the campaign against the Yazidi as genocidecarries some weight and could spur international relief efforts.But it has no immediate practical implications, nor is it likely to sway the militants in their assault on other sects and faiths in Iraq and Syria. Busztin says the UN still needs to collect more data to substantiate the allegations of genocide. He said there were isolated cases where Yazidis were given the option to convert, as opposed to being killed for their beliefs. Territorial control With its latest offensive,IS,which was formerly known as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS),now controls one-third of Iraqi territory, including a 1,200 miles-plus de-facto border withKurdish-held territory. The Kurdishpeshmerga, which has appealed for heavy weapons and US military help, is now regrouping.On Monday, the Iraqi government, which is at odds with semi-autonomous Kurdistan, launched air strikes on IS-held targets in Mosul. Yazidi elders say their men, armed only with rifles, tried to hold back the IS fighters while tens of thousands of men, women and children fled on foot higher onto Sinjar mountain a rocky outcrop without shelter or water. TheUnited Nations Childrens Fund ( UNICEF )says it believes at least 40 children died either in the initial attack or from dehydration on the mountain. Photos posted on social mediashow parents trying to bury their children beneath the rubble and rocks. UNICEF says up to 25,000 children and their families are stranded on the mountain.
Source: Islamic State persecution of Yazidi minority amounts to genocide, UN says (+video) –

Experts Warn of Ebola ‘Apocalypse’ – Yahoo News

Health care is a human right. We must ensure these countries have what they need to fight for it. Both Isaacs and Glover also expressed concern for the lack of education in West Africa, both the symptoms and proper response that should be taken in the wake of an infection. A poster on the wall saying Ebola kills isnt going to do it, said Isaacs. They need education. Grover cited the 14-year civil war in Liberia, which left millions illiterate, as one of the main roadblocks in educating the country. READ MORE ISIS Takes Iraqs Largest Christian Town The U.S. may not be prepared to treat American relief workers should they get infected. According to SIM director Isaacs, the plane that flew Writebol and Brantly to safety in Atlanta is the sole vehicle of that kind in existence. There is only one airplane in the world with one chamber to carry level 4 pathogenic victim.
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