What’s Scary About Ebola — And Reasons Not To Fear It | Washingtonexaminer.com

Lack of experience with the disease there has contributed to its spread. So has a shortage of medical personnel and supplies, widespread poverty, and political instability. Sierra Leone still is recovering from a decade of civil war in which children were forced into fighting. Liberia, originally founded by freed American slaves, also endured civil war in the 1990s. Guinea is trying to establish a young and fragile democracy. Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, boasts great oil wealth but most of its people are poor. The government is battling Islamic militants in the north who have killed thousands of people and kidnapped more than 200 schoolgirls in April. This outbreak has proved more difficult to control than previous ones because the disease is crossing national borders, and is spreading in more urban areas.
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It’s been a trying year for Bryce Harper | HardballTalk

Encouraging employees to use wearable fitness devices, such as Jawbones UP 24 activity tracker, Nikes FuelBands or Fitbits, to track their movement, sleep and eating habits and share their accomplishments with their colleagues can motivate your entire office to lead a healthier office, resulting in less sick days, lower health insurance premiums and higher productivity. Aron Susman, co-founder of The SquareFoot , a Houston, Texas-based company that connects landlords with businesses searching for space, provided his 11 employees with Jawbone UP bands. (Seven opted into the program.) We decided to provide them after I got one as a gift. I really got into it and quickly integrated it into my lifestyle, he says. For Susman, quantifying his movements gave him the motivation need to stay active. I set my goal at 8,000 steps a day and felt really good at achieving that goal, he says. On a lazy Sunday, where I might normally binge-watch TV, I didnt want to see zero steps, so I get up and go for a walk or a run. Wearable technology allows users to track their steps, physical activity, sleep patterns and even food consumption. Users can set alerts to remind them to stand up after long periods of sitting, or drink more water throughout the day.
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Using Wearable Devices to Help Promote Employee Wellness – Yahoo Finance

So that day October 10, 2012 was a pomp and circumstance, marching bands, political leaders waving celebration day. Flags unfurled. The afternoon was bright and warm, one of those bold-faced days when colors pop, like everything is freshly painted, and the Nationals had the best record in baseball. They also had two of the most exciting young players in recent memory flame-throwing pitcher Stephen Strasburg and 19-year-old phenomenon Bryce Harper . This team looked like baseballs next superpower, a potential dynasty. Washington was the shining city on a mound. Yes, everything seemed possible that day.
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