Us Bombs Iraq As Obama Calls To Prevent ‘genocide’

air strikes on Iraq since he pulled all troops out in 2011, arguing action was needed to halt the Islamist advance, protect Americans and safeguard hundreds of thousands of Christians and members of other religious minorities who have fled for their lives. For the second straight night, the United States also dropped relief supplies to members of the ancient Yazidi sect, tens of thousands of whom are massed on a desert mountaintop seeking shelter from fighters who had ordered them to convert or die. “Earlier this week, one Iraqi in the area cried to the world, ‘There is no one coming to help’,” said Obama in a late night television address to the nation on Thursday. “Well, today America is coming to help.” “We can act carefully and responsibly to prevent a potential act of genocide,” he said. On Friday the White House said the strikes would last as long as the security situation required. The Islamic State was defiant.
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Chat Room Rape Group Gets Woman Arrested

Berrys plans showed a dangerous level of malice, and the victim is now afraid to even sit out front in her own garden, and has regular panic attacks after the incident. After reviewing her actions, the Judge told Berry: Joanne Berry I now have to place sentence on you in respect of four counts all of which you were found guilty after a trial. You underwent these [offenses] in a wicked and calculated albeit frankly bizarre fashion. Your victim happened to be a work colleague. Dr Hussain, a consultant psychiatrist, decided you were fragile and psychologically vulnerable with a low self esteem but that you had no mental illness and no psychiatric history. By the seriousness of these [offenses] taking account the totality of the criminality.
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Five American Writers Reflect on First Day of School – News – The Times – Herkimer, NY

Tom Burns, of Ferndale, Mich., is the Dads & Families editor for The Good Men Project ( ) and founder of, a website devoted to helping parents find the right books for their kids. No Wires attached By Arlene Pellicane From outward appearances, my son Ethan looks like an average fifth grader. Hes not too skinny and not too fat. He loves building with LEGOs and playing soccer at recess. But theres something very different about my son. Hes not wired. And in this screen-driven world, especially as a boy, that makes him kind of weird. Last year on his first day of school, Ethan quickly found he didnt know much about the video games the other kids had played all summer.
Source: Five American Writers Reflect on First Day of School – News – The Times – Herkimer, NY


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