Using Wearable Devices To Help Promote Employee Wellness – Yahoo Finance

He encourages managers to conduct a survey to find out what employees really value. It could be having more flexibility in their job, working a day from home or paid time off, he says. 3.Make wearable devices part of company culture. One of the great selling points of wearable devices is that users can build in reminders to buzz the wearer if theyve been idle for too many hours. Making it OK for employees to take a walking break outdoors and encouraging them to get up regularly to stretch or do some push-ups supports the use of these devices. Making employees information public by putting up a leader board in the main lobby can encourage water-cooler chat about coworkers progress and shows that the company believes in fitness tracking.
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Strange KC home invasion: One suspect shot in leg, one suffers panic attack |

Two suspects were taken into custody and one was reportedly injured after police say they broke into a home near 5th and Newton Thursday morning at about 10 a.m. Police were still sorting through information, but they received a report that one of the suspected home invaders was shot in the leg when they entered the home and were chased off by a resident. One of the suspects also apparently suffered a panic attack following the chase. It is not clear if the one shot in the leg also suffered the panic attack or if it was the second suspect.
Source: Strange KC home invasion: One suspect shot in leg, one suffers panic attack |

AP News in Brief at 5:58 p.m. EDT – New Jersey Herald

None of the more than 1,700 Africans sickened by Ebola have received this treatment. This drug, ZMapp, is so novel and unproven that not much is available and its effectiveness remains unknown. It could end up doing more harm than good. It would take months to produce even modest quantities. Even then, using it more widely would present other ethical dilemmas. But many Africans are seeing a larger, bitter truth in the fact that two Americans and a Spaniard were able to get this treatment after being infected in West Africa, where the hemorrhagic fever has raged for months, killing 961 people and counting. “There’s no reason to try this medicine on sick white people and to ignore blacks,” said Marcel Guilavogui, a pharmacist in Conakry, Guinea.
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