Ian Kinsler Spoke To Struggling Tigers Following Latest Loss | The Detroit News

Weve kind of forgot that were the Tigers, he said. Teams are coming in here looking to beat us and we have a big target on our backs because of the type of team we have. We have to go out knowing that teams fear us and we have to stop feeling, not nervous, but stop feeling the pressure. We have to attack teams and not worry about teams attacking us. Ausmus’ view Manager Brad Ausmus wouldnt discuss Kinslers team address, but he did say he also has talked to the team recently. Ive had meetings, but that is between me and the team, he said. I dont feel I need to discuss what was talked about. Its happened a handful of times throughout the course of the season, and it happened recently. I will leave it at that. Ausmus said he doesnt sense any undo panic or tension in the clubhouse.
For the original version, visit http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20140813/SPORTS0104/308130087/1129/rss15

Ebola may be scary, but most shouldn’t be afraid – Yahoo News

___ WHERE IT IS The outbreak began in Guinea in March before spreading to neighboring Sierra Leone and Liberia. A traveler recently carried it farther, to Nigeria, leading to a few cases in the giant city of Lagos. View gallery The image of Liberia President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, left, appears on a public information banner w Ebola emerged in 1976. It has been confirmed in 10 African nations, but never before in the region of West Africa. Lack of experience with the disease there has contributed to its spread. So has a shortage of medical personnel and supplies, widespread poverty, and political instability. Sierra Leone still is recovering from a decade of civil war in which children were forced into fighting.
Source: Ebola may be scary, but most shouldn’t be afraid – Yahoo News


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