Tv Best Bets: Tuesday, Aug. 12 – Tv –

12 August 12, 2014 Last updated: Tuesday, August 12, 2014, 1:21 AM The Record Print Duff Goldman stars in “Food Fighters” at 8 tonight on NBC. 8 p.m., BRAVO: The Real Housewives of New York City In the new episode “Reunion Part Three,” Aviva decides to “out” Heather, igniting a spat between the two women. Kristen refuses to let Ramona dismiss her and her opinions. Sonja and Ramona are called on to defend their friendship, while Aviva reveals what it was that led her to throw her leg at Le Cirque. 8 p.m., NBC: Food Fighters Duff Goldman is among the professional chefs posing challenges to a hopeful amateur, a family man and IT manager from Denver, in the new episode “Nick Evans.” As always on this show, the newcomer will stack his best culinary efforts against those of the pros and if his are judged to be superior, he’ll leave with $100,000. 9 p.m., ABC FAMILY: Chasing Life The dreaded day dawns as April (Italia Ricci) checks into the hospital for her monthlong stay that includes an intense round of chemotherapy. If she starts Day One with mixed emotions, those feelings quickly plummet as the harsh chemicals take their toll and the prospect of being cooped up here for weeks to come triggers a severe panic attack. With her family nearby, April reaches out to an unexpected party who just may be the only person who can help her in the new episode “Finding Chemo.” 10 p.m., TBS: Sullivan & Son Steve (Steve Byrne) is wary of signing on when the guys decide to go into the beer brewing business together, remembering his dad’s frequent advice that one never should mingle business with friendship.
Source: TV best bets: Tuesday, Aug. 12 – TV –

Reflecting on Media Coverage of Robin Williams and Other Fascinating News on the Web – TIME

And he works at Uber . 4. Interview with a Vagabond He is a uniquely postmodern breed of whistle-blower. Physically, very few people have seen him since he disappeared into Moscows airport complex last June. But he has nevertheless maintained a presence on the world stage not only as a man without a country but as a man without a body. Wireds James Bamford spends some time with Edward Snowden, the most wanted man in the world . (Among other things, Snowden tells the story of the time the NSA accidentally shut of Internet access across all of Syria.) 5. Retraining Camp I heard that these people were coming to get me.
Source: Reflecting on Media Coverage of Robin Williams and Other Fascinating News on the Web – TIME

For Del Mar, a troubled time of fallen horses – LA Times

“I asked him about the three-eighths pole and there wasn’t the usual response. When I realized he wasn’t his usual self, I thought maybe it just wasn’t his day, and so I started easing him up. “When he was almost pulled up, he went down.” A collapse like that, directly in front of the main grandstand, prompts many to swear off ever returning. It also fuels the desire in groups such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to continue their anti-racing efforts. Gryder jumped off as the horse collapsed, then lay across his neck, petting him, talking to him. “It was breaking my heart,” he said. “If you lay on their neck, it helps keep them from trying to get up. “I love these animals.
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