4-year-old Boy Taken By Woman In Front Of Wheelchair-bound Mother, Witnesses Rescue Him | Fox4kc.com

Witnesses said the boy was taken from right in front of his wheelchair-bound mother on Monday shortly before 6:30 p.m. Officer responded to the area of 11921 Newton, where a four-year-old boy was reportedly abducted. Two men saw the woman take the boy and followed her up the stairs to an adjacent part of the apartment building where they confronted her. The men said when they approached the woman she refused to turn the boy over to them and held the boy over the railing. One of the men was able to grab the boy and pull him to safety. The boys mother said she was terrified. Very terrifying, she said. Theres no words to even explain it.
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It’s Time To Put The ISIS Threat In Perspective – Forbes

From a purely realpolitik perspective, its one thing to win battles and quite another to stabilize an entire country or even a region as the elder George Bush wisely understood when he chose not to occupy Iraq. ISIS has not been shy about publicizing its atrocities. Indeed, one wonders if the Caliphate would have committed them were it not for the publicity value: beheadings of children, mass executions, crucifixions, rapes, genocides, forcible marriages and conversions. None of this points to a plan for establishing a functioning state or a stable governance. Rather, it has all the hallmarks of opportunistic piracy or warlordism with a veneer of religious purpose of the kind that flourished in the region during the pre-modern era. They came and went, those medievalist emirates and khanates from Bukhara to Khartoum plowing under uncounted human bodies with their limitless ephemeral cruelty. Theres nothing new here except the instant global media coverage.
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‘The Fosters’ Recap: 2.09 “Leaky Faucets” | TheCelebrityCafe.com

Normally fearing big crowds, Callie knows she can tackle it because Wyatt is there (whom she trusts). But you want to know whos also there? Liam. This is not going to end well. With nothing to do at home, Stef decides to fix the leaky pipe in the bathroom. A few Google searches and tools later, she thinks shes fixed it. While proudly recording her work (complete with a cute dance) to her wife, the leak only worsens, upsetting her.
More: ‘The Fosters’ Recap: 2.09 “Leaky Faucets” | TheCelebrityCafe.com


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