Tv Best Bets: Tuesday, Aug. 12 – Tv –

12 August 12, 2014 Last updated: Tuesday, August 12, 2014, 1:21 AM The Record Print Duff Goldman stars in “Food Fighters” at 8 tonight on NBC. 8 p.m., BRAVO: The Real Housewives of New York City In the new episode “Reunion Part Three,” Aviva decides to “out” Heather, igniting a spat between the two women. Kristen refuses to let Ramona dismiss her and her opinions. Sonja and Ramona are called on to defend their friendship, while Aviva reveals what it was that led her to throw her leg at Le Cirque. 8 p.m., NBC: Food Fighters Duff Goldman is among the professional chefs posing challenges to a hopeful amateur, a family man and IT manager from Denver, in the new episode “Nick Evans.” As always on this show, the newcomer will stack his best culinary efforts against those of the pros and if his are judged to be superior, he’ll leave with $100,000. 9 p.m., ABC FAMILY: Chasing Life The dreaded day dawns as April (Italia Ricci) checks into the hospital for her monthlong stay that includes an intense round of chemotherapy.
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LS neighborhood preparing to save trees | News | Lee’s Summit Journal

Reed Memorial Wildlife Area, checked on that tree. He determined the culprits were native insects that were borers, but he found no evidence of the invasive species. Nevertheless, he said, Lees Summit residents who have ash trees in their landscaping need to be prepared for the problem Theres no need to panic, Conner said, But if there is an ash tree in your yard, a decision will have to be made. The pest is in Kansas City and other nearby areas. It will find its way to Lees Summit because it has no natural predators. Conner said preventive treatments for individual trees before an infestation is the only way to save them. The best time to begin treatment is in the fall or spring, Conner said, so owners of ash trees might want to begin researching their options. They should first decide whether the tree is worth keeping. If its too close to the house or power lines, or already ailing, it might be better to plant another, resistant species in a better spot.
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