Ls Neighborhood Preparing To Save Trees | News | Lee’s Summit Journal

RUSS PULLEY the Journal Buy Now! A tiny, iridescent-green beetle is poised to attack and kill ash trees in Lees Summit. Its only a matter of time, conservationists say, before the emerald ash borer turns up in this community. Recently a passerby noticed a dead tree on Douglas Street, north of Chipman Road, that he thought was infested with the emerald ash borer, a species from Asia thats spreading through the Midwestern and Eastern states and killing many millions of trees. He called the city and Missouris conservation department. Chuck Conner, an urban forester with the conservation departments office at the James A.
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Pat Buchanan: Is ISIS ‘an existential threat?’ | New Hampshire Columns

If ISIS gains are truly an existential threat to the republic and our cities are about to go up in flames, why did these Republican hawks not demand that President Obama call back Congress from its five-week vacation to vote to authorize a new war on ISIS in Syria and Iraq? After all, King, McCain and Graham belong to a party that is suing the President for usurping congressional powers. Yet, they are also demanding that Obama start bombing nations he has no authority to bomb, as ISIS has not attacked us. King, McCain and Graham want Obama to play imperial President and launch a preemptive war that their own Congress has not authorized. What kind of constitutionalists, what kind of conservatives are these? Is Graham right that an existential threat is at hand? Is our very existence as a nation in peril? Graham says no force in the Mideast can stop ISIS without us.
Source: Pat Buchanan: Is ISIS ‘an existential threat?’ | New Hampshire Columns

Africa’s Biggest City Fights ‘Wicked Lies’ on Ebola Myths – Yahoo Finance

The government has distributed leaflets, started a social media campaign and sent mass text messages. Some people have been told to consume more salt or drink salt water to prevent the illness, Chukwu said. Chukwu called people spreading these “wicked lies” as “evil-minded.” Ending Nonsense “This nonsense must stop,” Chukwu said on Aug. 8 in Lagos. Jonathan asked the public last week to stop spreading misinformation about the disease and “unverified suggestions about the prevention, treatment, cure and spread of the virus.” The president authorized 1.9 billion naira ($11.7 million) of funding to prevent the spread of Ebola. Phone companies, including Africa’s biggest operator MTN Group Ltd. (MTN) and Bharti Airtel Ltd.
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