After The Fog Of War: An Early Assessment Of The Israel-gaza Conflict | Opinion | Jewish Journal

The confluence of interests among Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel should be tested as to whether it can yield political results. The left wing also should take no solace from recent events as the furies of hatred against Israel and the Jews are intense, persistent and unyielding. The perceived rise in anti-Semitism comes as a shock to Zionists who believed that the foundation of an independent Jewish state would extinguish the flames of Jew hatred. For more than 40 years, we have seen that Israel can also fuel the flames of anti-Semitism. Ironically, some French Jews are fleeing violence at home to face enemy rockets in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Perhaps Diaspora Jews need another type of Iron Dome. Genocide I have joined with other scholars of Holocaust and genocide studies to condemn the statements equating Israels actions in Gaza with genocide. On July 9, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, in a speech in Ramallah, accused Israel of committing genocide. On Aug. 1, on Al Jazeeras English-language TV broadcast, Fatah foreign affairs spokesman Nabil Shaath described the situation in Gaza as a Holocaust. Also on Aug.
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Robin Williams: ‘Merry Friggin’ Christmas’ — The Fallen Actors First Film After Suicide – Hollywood Life

7. Robin Williams Greatest Movie Moments HD Robin plays the role of Mitch, a slightly eccentric man who isestranged from his son, Boyd, played by the hilarious Joel McHale . According to the DailyMail , After suffering through the company of his estranged family, the film sees Boyd take Mitch on a crazy eight-hour road trip through a blizzard after Boyd realises he has accidentally forgotten to bring all of Dougs presents. seems like this father-son duo wont be able to stay estranged for long! In the short clip, Boyd is somewhat reluctant to bring his family to his fathers home for christmas, and we can see why! Boyd begins to dig in to what he believes to be chicken, only to find out that he is chewing on shot-gun pellets! After he starts choking, he looks to his father, who announced, Its squirrel. The seemingly hilarious film co-stars Lauren Graham, Candice Bergen and Clark Duke. Watch a clip fromMerry Friggin Christmasbelow!
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Former Temple student files sexual discrimination complaint – News – The Temple News

Department of Education named Temple as one of 55 universities nationwide under investigationfor possible Title IX violations in the handling of sexual assault and harassment cases. A university spokesman declined to comment on the situation. According to files of her complaint, which she released to The Temple News with some details redacted, the alleged victim was raped in her Temple Towers apartment in August 2013, after meeting the alleged perpetrator, a male student, at Maxis Pizza on Liacouras Walk. She invited him to her apartment and he raped her in the living room. The victim said she was intoxicated at the time, but noted [i]t was excruciating to have people focus on drinking as a cause of rape rather than rapists. To comply with the building policy for guests, she accompanied the suspect to the front desk to sign him out afterwards. The complainant said Allied Barton security noticed she was intoxicated when she could not pronounce her last name. When she bumped into a resident assistant who saw her intoxication, he called the other RAs and notified Temple Police. When the officer arrived, the security, RAs, and the cops let my assailant leave and he ran out of the building, the complainant wrote.
Source: Former Temple student files sexual discrimination complaint – News – The Temple News


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