Charges: Man Robs Pawnshop, Gives Employee Panic Attack | Komo Crime Blotter | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | Komo News

— A man who robbed a Tacoma pawnshop Wednesday, giving an employee a panic attack in the process, was arrested in possession of cash, jewelry and a loaded gun as he left the scene, according to charges filed in Pierce County Superior Court. According to the charging documents, 31-year-old Judd Matchett walked into AA-Okay Loans on Pacific Avenue South and told an employee to empty the till. When the employee didn’t immediately respond, Matchett pulled a gun from his waistband and said he wasn’t joking around and that he would have to answer to God for his actions, according to the charging documents. The victim started having a panic attack but finally opened the till. She sat down while Matchett reportedly grabbed the cash. According to the charging documents, the victim then directed Matchett to the keys for a display case, which he used to steal a number of rings before walking out of the business. Pierce County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested Matchett as he was leaving the scene. They found dozens of gold and diamond rings, a lock and set of keys, a large roll of cash and a loaded pistol on him during the arrest, according to the charging documents.
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A buyer’s market at gun bazaar in Kurdish town – Yahoo News

officials said they would begin weapons supplies to Kurdish forces, known as peshmerga. The move was broadly welcomed by the poorly armed Kurds, who have been distinctly pro-American since the 1990s, when earlier administrations protected them from Saddam Hussein’s forces. On a recent day, the market was quiet. Only a few customers milled about, quickly exchanging new dollar bills for guns. One man came with his pig-tailed little girls in tow, who looked around excitedly. Aly did not have his weapons on display in the bazaar.
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A buyer’s market at gun bazaar in Kurdish town –

“People now don’t worry because Obama decided to sell weapons to Kurdistan,” dealer Sabir Bazalaky said at the bazaar, which sits in a dusty ditch near Irbil’s main peach-colored prison. A toothless old man watching nearby put it in simpler terms. “Obama, Obama!” he hooted, using his hand to imitate a swooping aircraft. Since the U.S. began conducting airstrikes on Aug. 8 against fighters of the Islamic State militant group, gun sales at the bazaar have flattened, and the dealers have cut their prices by a third or even a half. The Sunni-led militants seized huge parts of northern and western Iraq in June for their self-styled Islamic State, although they mostly left Kurdish areas alone. Then, in a surprise attack early this month, the extremists seized the Mosul Dam, villages around the Sinjar mountains in the north, villages near Irbil, and the Kurdish towns of Makhmour and Gweir.
Source: A buyer’s market at gun bazaar in Kurdish town –


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