Bankroll Beatdown – Times Union

“People now don’t worry because Obama decided to sell weapons to Kurdistan,” dealer Sabir Bazalaky said at the bazaar, which sits in a dusty ditch near Irbil’s main peach-colored prison. A toothless old man watching nearby put it in simpler terms. “Obama, Obama!” he hooted, using his hand to imitate a swooping aircraft. Since the U.S. began conducting airstrikes on Aug. 8 against fighters of the Islamic State militant group, gun sales at the bazaar have flattened, and the dealers have cut their prices by a third or even a half.
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Dealers drastically cut prices at gun bazaar in Kurdish city as US airstrikes slow militants | Fox News

OTB’s Seth Merrow wanted Rollo and myself to be on his show yes, it was live on the Saratoga backstretch. Thought Rollo was going to have a panic attack when I wasn’t there five minutes before the show. When I arrived, just in time, Rollo stopped sweating. “I couldn’t do this alone,” said the Mr. Green Jeans of television. No kidding. Rollo was horrible on the air, stumbling over every word. The only thing that calmed him down was when a producer shoved a plate of scrambled eggs at Rollo during a break.
Source: Bankroll Beatdown – Times Union

Strong Police Presence in Ferguson –

He then asked for their help in restricting future demonstrations to daylight hours to discourage criminals from infiltrating their ranks at night. Police said at least two men were shot Monday night and 31 arrests were made. Police fired no bullets, Capt. Johnson said, and the shootings remain under investigation. The identities and condition of the gunshot victims weren’t immediately released. Clashes largely ended Monday night before midnight local time as police ordered remaining activists to leave the intersection where the confrontations began.
More: Strong Police Presence in Ferguson –


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