Illinois’ Would-be Farmers Learn From Ground Up – Chicago Tribune

While you likely shouldnt panic at this juncture, there are a few steps you should take if you think your card might have been endangered: Keep alert: CNN Money points out that criminals now have access to your contact info. If you receive any suspicious calls, dont give them your personal information. If someone claiming to be your bank calls you, hang up and call your bank directly using the number on your card. Be proactive: CNN also adds that if youve shopped at the aforementioned companies in the past, you should probably call your bank. They may send you a new card. Also, definitely check your bank statement for weird charges.
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Letters to the editor: Arabs in Israel and anti-Semitism in Europe | Letters to the Editor |

Jewish Journal

After taking The Land Connection’s agritourism class, she’s also considering turning her home, which dates to 1881, into a bed-and-breakfast where guests would chip in with farmwork. Like many businesses, infant farms sometimes take a couple of years to make a decent profit. Novice farmers face a range of challenges, such as raising the capital for land and equipment. The Farm Beginnings classes teach students to look for alternatives to buying land, such as renting or becoming part of a farming incubator, which offers plots to new farmers at reduced rates. Many small farmers also must act as their own middlemen, seeking out customers alongside the daily grind of farming. “There is demand for local food, but the problem is finding those customers,” said Jenny Meyer of Angelic Organics Learning Center, a nonprofit that offers classes similar to those of Central Illinois Farm Beginnings. Farmers “are going to have to take time to make connections with customers, and they may not anticipate how much time that will take.” For example, Belahi, who rents her farmland through The Land Connection’s incubator program in Champaign, has had mixed success attracting customers. She sent a dozen emails to restaurants asking if they’d like to buy her goods, but only two responded, and only one, Urbana Country Club, buys from her.
Read More: Illinois’ would-be farmers learn from ground up – Chicago Tribune

What David Suissa says is totally the truth: Arabs and Jews are together in shopping malls, beaches, cafes, on the streets, walking side by side, and you feel no strain or stress seeing them or being at their side. … It could be such a great country if politics, hatred, anger and evil wouldnt interfere. Berta Rosenohlvia Europes Anti-Semitism: A Surge, orBusiness as Usual? While Michael Berenbaum (After the Fog of War: An Early Assessment, Aug. 15) is justified in downplaying the hysterics voiced by some commentators that Europe is reverting to the type of Jew-hatred of the 1930s, hisbelittlementof a new and more insidious form of anti-Semitism currently sweeping the continent is unfortunate. It is true that since the eruption of the Second Intifada in 2000 and Israels ensuing conflicts with Hezbollah and Hamas, it has become routine to witness the anti-Zionist multitudes on the European street calling for punitive measures against the Jewish state. Most recently however, the shrill chants of demonstrators odiously equating Zionism with Nazism has become distressingly commonplace.
Source: Letters to the editor: Arabs in Israel and anti-Semitism in Europe | Letters to the Editor |

Jewish Journal


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