Owner Gets Stolen Life-size Statue Of Obama Back After Thieves Put It On Bench With A Six-pack | Star Tribune

Letters to the editor: Arabs in Israel and anti-Semitism in Europe | Letters to the Editor |

Jewish Journal

Police have returned a life-size statue of President Barack Obama that went missing from its owner’s northeastern Pennsylvania porch and was found a few days later reclining on a nearby park bench with a six-pack of Twisted Tea. The owner, Tiffany Bruce, says she was relieved to get it back Thursday. The statue, purchased at a furniture store last year, depicts Obama smiling and sitting casually, his legs crossed and his right arm flung out. Bruce decorated the statue as Santa Claus on Christmas and arranged pumpkins around him on Thanksgiving. She says her five children love the statue, and she was startled enough by the theft to be hospitalized for a panic attack. The furniture store’s employees had been planning to replace it with another statue for free.
Read More: Owner gets stolen life-size statue of Obama back after thieves put it on bench with a six-pack | Star Tribune

What David Suissa says is totally the truth: Arabs and Jews are together in shopping malls, beaches, cafes, on the streets, walking side by side, and you feel no strain or stress seeing them or being at their side. … It could be such a great country if politics, hatred, anger and evil wouldnt interfere. Berta Rosenohlvia jewishjournal.com Europes Anti-Semitism: A Surge, orBusiness as Usual? While Michael Berenbaum (After the Fog of War: An Early Assessment, Aug. 15) is justified in downplaying the hysterics voiced by some commentators that Europe is reverting to the type of Jew-hatred of the 1930s, hisbelittlementof a new and more insidious form of anti-Semitism currently sweeping the continent is unfortunate. It is true that since the eruption of the Second Intifada in 2000 and Israels ensuing conflicts with Hezbollah and Hamas, it has become routine to witness the anti-Zionist multitudes on the European street calling for punitive measures against the Jewish state. Most recently however, the shrill chants of demonstrators odiously equating Zionism with Nazism has become distressingly commonplace. Moreover, the Jewish communities of Europe in the past few months have encountered daily harassment if not violent assaults.
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Kurdish gun bazaars, where an AK-47 costs $700 unless you’re Arab | Fox News

In the largely Kurdish region where natives are battling desperately to keep ruthless Islamic State fighters at bay, Russian-made AK-47s sell for $700, handguns start at $1,200 and U.S.-made M-16s fetch as much as $3,000. Everyday Kurds are taking up arms to protect their families and those seeking to join the Peshmerga, the Kurdish army, have to bring their own weapons to the front lines. ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT But not everyones money is good. Although Arabs have lived side-by-side with Kurds in the region for centuries, many Kurds say they dont trust Arab Iraqis given Islamic States growing influence. I wouldnt sell a gun to an Arab if you gave me $1 million. – Gun dealer in Sulemaniyah, Iraq I wouldnt sell a gun to an Arab if you gave me $1 million, one operator of a shop in of Sulemaniyah told FoxNews.com. Similar markets have popped up in other towns around the region, including Kirkuk, where vendors display their goods on upturned boxes, lined against walls, piled on tables and hanging from pegs. Weapons are everywhere – Kalashnikovs, M-16s, M-4s, rocket-propelled grenades, handguns and even heavy-caliber weapons can be bought at the right price. One vendor said Peshmerga soldiers qualified for a 50 percent discount, even recommending highly affordable pre-1980 AK-47s from a well-stocked inventory.


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