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However, IDF doctors only took in around 50 to 60 patients over a month of fighting and the hospital eventually closed its doors due to inactivity. We heard there was no place at the Palestinian hospitals in Gaza. We heard about a lack of medical equipment, Inbar said. So we were prepared to have many patients we even prepared the ability to do surgeries in that hospital. But even though we offered it, the Palestinians decided not to [come]. Israeli officials claim Hamas prohibited ambulances from delivering Palestinian patients to the IDF field hospital. Medhat Abbas, director general of the Gaza Ministry of Health, run by Hamas, confirmed.
Source: Why didn’t Gazans use the IDF field hospital? | Israel |

Jewish Journal

In tears, the victim recalled the brutal attack when said she was sexually assaulted multiple times and the defendant demanded money. State prosecutors said the defendant’s DNA was found on the victim’s panties and in her thighs. “It affected my whole life. To be afraid, to ask, “Why me, why did this happen to me?” she testified. The other incident occurred on May 31, 2013. A male victim from this incident testified Valtierra-Payan broke into a home where the victim lived with his wife and children. In this incident, Valtierra-Payan allegedly stole the family’s television. Lab technicians confirmed in court that DNA belonging to Valtierra-Payan was found on the shorts belonging to the male victim, where the defendant allegedly kicked him.
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Russian Tank Columns Enter Ukraine; Leader Urges Calm « CBS San Francisco

Russian forces, she said, are being sent 30 miles (about 50 kilometers) inside Ukraine, without them or their families knowing where they are going. She cited reports of burials in Russia for those who have died in Ukraine and wounded Russian soldiers being treated in a St. Petersburg hospital. On Thursday morning, an Associated Press journalist saw rebel checkpoints at the outskirts of Novoazovsk and was told he could not enter. One of the rebels said there was no fighting in the town. Novoazovsk, which lies along the road connecting Russia to the Russia-annexed Crimean Peninsula, had come under shelling for three days, with the rebels entering it on Wednesday. This area had previously escaped the fighting that has engulfed areas to the north, and the only way rebels could have reached the southeast was by coming through Russia.
Source: Russian Tank Columns Enter Ukraine; Leader Urges Calm « CBS San Francisco


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