Critters Corner: Puggle Has Panic Attacks – Antoniotti – Ohio

26 Fukuoka schoolgirls fall ill; panic attack suspected | The Japan Times

Is the weather normal or abnormal? Is it morning or evening? How long do they last if you do not intervene and how often do they occur on a monthly or weekly basis? Is your dog responsive to touching and being talked to? If he knows some cued behaviors/commands, can he respond to them at the start of these events or at any time during them? The answers to these questions and many more are things that your veterinarian will want to know. The easiest way to answer them is to keep a log of episodes. It helps to gather data for an intervention by a professional and for a veterinarian to use to as an aide in establishing a diagnosis.
More: Critters Corner: Puggle has panic attacks – Antoniotti – Ohio

Rumors spread quickly in todays society, through Twitter and other means, raising the possibility of panic attacks, Kayama said. Photos Commenting Policy getironic The root of mass hysteria is the arousal of the human capacity for dissociation. People of different beliefs and fears are of different levels of susceptibility to disassociation. Psychiatrist Rika Kayama warns us, The only thing you can do (to avoid the recurrence of such incidents) is to distance yourself from people and topics that triggered such incidents. And yet, often the trigger to dissociation and then a panic attack is an intense anxiety about the state of ones own life. Evasion will do no good in that situation, doctor. You cant expect that to change without self-motivated action. If the anxiety is based on what others will think when some situation has arisen or some rumor has been spread, then one has no direct control over the thoughts of others and ones inner-state tends to destabilize.
Source: 26 Fukuoka schoolgirls fall ill; panic attack suspected | The Japan Times


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