Opinion: Ex-cnn Reporter: My Struggle With Panic Attacks – Cnn.com

I am healthy, happy where I am in life, and have been blessed with great jobs and great friends. I am still reporting, anchoring and doing live shots. If you tune in, you won’t see me collapse in a fit of panic. I am doing a lot better. More than once in my life, I thought there was no way to get through this. I vividly remember being on a warm, sunny beach in the throes of a panic attack and wondering if my life would ever be normal again — if I would ever again simply be able to close my eyes and be at ease. For those going through anxiety issues, I have a message: You can get better, you can work through it.
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Boko Haram: Panic in Abuja over increasing attacks

On Monday, many residents got an alert that the militant sect was planning to attack some parts of Abuja. Although the Federal Government had moved to allay fears caused by such messages, there was palpable tension in the city. Residents are jittery even on hearing sounds of bursting tyres of vehicles or explosions that are not induced by bombs. The Chairman of the National Information Centre, Mr. Mike Omeri, had at a news conference on June 27, 2014, advised the residents to disregard false alarms. There have been three attacks by the militant sect in Abuja in the last two months.
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Journal Online – Mass ‘panic attack’ in Japan

It was not immediately clear what caused the students to fall ill. According to Yanagawa High School, a private school in the city of Yanagawa, a first-year student suddenly shrieked in the middle of a class and fell down at about 10 a.m. Two other students in the class fell into a similar state soon afterward, followed by students from other classes who came to check on the incident. Some of the students turned pale, though the exact cause of their sickness was not known. The school let the 26 students go home and canceled all classes later in the day. It remained closed on Tuesday as well, an official said.
Source: Journal Online – Mass ‘panic attack’ in Japan


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