Nightmares Haunt Swimmer Bitten By Great White Shark Off California Beach | | Missoula, Montana

“Wills footwork and speed and his ability to stop opponents getting near the cage were outstanding,” Ruocco said. “His stick skills were very dominant, one of the best in the entire section.” Michael Rice, So., attack, Bath Haverling As a sophomore, Rice already owns two Haverling scoring records and is on pace to shatter more in the next two seasons. The Rams top scoring threat, and one of the top five in all of Section V, Rice led his team with 65 goals (third in the section and a new school record for goals in a season) and had 26 assists, ranking him fourth in the section in overall scoring. His nine goals against Avon broke his own record for most in a game. “He is super quick, he changes direction fast and he has a dangerous outside shot,” said Bath coach Ken DiDomineck. “Hes phenomenal at finding the goal he just has a knack for scoring.” Of all his shots on the net, he scored 80 percent of the time and boasts 108 career goals in two seasons and this was accomplished while the opposition put their best defenders on him.
Source: Passmore: Big effort from big guy – Sports – The Leader – Corning, NY

No verdict reached following juror’s panic attack in ex-SC State – – Columbia, South Carolina |

The shark, which a fire official said was a juvenile great white, immediately swam away and did not return, Robles said. The great white was apparently agitated after struggling for its life for the previous half hour before the attack on Robles. A fisherman who used chum to attract sharks to the pier had cut it loose after hooking it but failing to land it, Robles said. Marine biologist Eric Martin told CNN affiliate KABC that it likely was a “response bite” by the juvenile shark and “the swimmer just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.” “I thought ‘Oh, my God, this is it, I’m gonna die,” Robles said. But the shark’s bite was not deep, sparing Robles’ ribs and organs, he said. “It wasn’t a full-size bite,” said Capt. Tracy Lizlotte, a lifeguard for the Los Angeles County Fire Department.
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More >> COLUMBIA, SC (WIS/AP) – Following a medical delay, jurors in the Jonathan Pinson trial were unable to come up with a verdict. U.S. District Judge David Norton on Monday morning gave the jury in Pinson’s racketeering case their instructions and allowed them to begin deliberating. Shortly after the judge’s charge, one of the jurors suffered a panic attack. That juror later recovered and was able to begin deliberations with the group. The incident caused about a two-hour delay. Two alternates will be brought back to the courtroom in case they are needed.
More: No verdict reached following juror’s panic attack in ex-SC State – – Columbia, South Carolina |


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